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Top ways boxing is rising in popularity

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Just a few years ago there was popular rhetoric stating that boxing was a dying sport that was just losing popularity. Not only is this not true, but it has made a real resurgence in recent years and recaptured a part of the market that are remaining more loyal than ever.

There are currently 17 weight divisions and 4 sanctioning bodies that govern the championship belts in boxing which means there can be a potential 68 world champions at any given time. Boxing is watched worldwide and loved by many. Here are some of the top ways boxing is getting more and more successful and how we can witness this incline in interest…

1) More opportunities to watch than ever

There are now more chances to watch the boxing than ever, with many more countries showing it on their screens. Every major broadcast entity involved in boxing is aligned with a promoter and they want to get the boxing shown to as many as possible. Boxing fights in 2019 alone took place in large venues such as the Wembley Arena, Alexandra Palace, the First Direct Arena and York Hall. Tickets were quick to sell for many of the events, showing how popular it really is and is still becoming.

2) It’s fast-growing in the online betting scene

Although still not on quite the same level as cricket or football, boxing is an incredibly popular betting sport, and over the years has gathered many fans eager to wage in on the next fight. A more ruthless and dramatic sport than many others, it has this unique point to attribute to the fact that it stands out so much on its own. Because of the rapid pace of boxing and how many matches are often plated at the same time, you can often garner fast results. The unpredictable nature and fact many fighters are greatly looked up to means there’s never a dull moment!

3) Even YouTubers are getting on the bandwagon

Boxing is so popular that a range of celebrities is jumping on the bandwagon. And it’s something some of our generation’s most famous YouTubers and jumping on the bandwagon for too. KSI and Joe Weller were quick to kick off the trend and after winning his boxing debut, KSI’s blow-by-blow reaction garnered more than 2 million views just six hours after it was posted. This YouTube affiliation means younger people who already have a following – and likely one that doesn’t watch much boxing – are introduced to the sport, bringing in more viewers. This cross-channel interaction is sure to continue to grow as more celebrities jump on the trend.

4) You can watch it on catch up

If you head back just a few years, you either had to physically attend a match or if it was televised watch it when it was on. This meant if matches were on in other countries with tricky time zones you often missed them. Nowadays thanks to the internet and catch-up TV you can watch matches you’ve missed easily the next day. This means boxing is more accessible to everyone at any time. You can also watch them on your phone or other mobile device meaning you don’t have to be at home in front of the TV to watch it. You could just as easily be on your commute or lunch break and able to watch all the action!

5) It gets the adrenaline pumping

 Boxing is hyped up sometimes for weeks leading up to the big fight. Fans get excited and pumped up waiting for it to happen and this level of excitement really helps to build tension and get people wanting to watch it. It is also a real adrenaline-inducing sport. A boxing match can end up being a bad fight, but the intensity of the sport will still likely be a thrill ride. You’ll likely feel nervous and end up shouting at the TV – this is particularly true if it’s watched in a group setting as everyone can really get into it!

 These are just some of the reasons boxing is becoming more popular than ever and it is sure to just keep growing as it becomes more accessible and the hype continues to grow.