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Home » Ricky Hatton blasts UK tabloids for speculating he may have coronavirus

Ricky Hatton blasts UK tabloids for speculating he may have coronavirus

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Former world champion Ricky Hatton has denied being in any danger of contracting the ongoing coronavirus following a recent trip to Thailand.

Hatton was subject to a story printed by a UK tabloid which the two-weight title-holder has since branded as fake news.

‘The Hitman’ was reported pictured with a ‘drug lord’ during his stay in Asia. Hatton corrected with the fact he doesn’t know the man in question.

In fact, Ricky went as far as stating the photo wasn’t even from his latest jaunt, but from a different time altogether.

Due to the ongoing crisis in China, it was also speculated that Hatton may have caught the coronavirus from the ‘friend’ he was snapped with.

According to reports, the man next to Hatton recently collapsed due to contracting the disease. It’s not known if that’s one hundred percent accurate either.

“The papers are at it again,” Hatton said about the article in question. He then went on to inform fans he was perfectly fine and did not have coronavirus.

“Just to reassure you since I came back from Thailand I’ve been straight in the gym. I’m fulfilling all of my duties.

“This picture is not from Thailand trip this year. I don’t know who the gentleman in question is. Just someone asked for a picture another time,” he added.


Continuing his work in the gym with numerous fighters, Hatton was part of Tyson Fury’s team for the first fight with Deontay Wilder.

Despite being firm friends with Fury, Hatton is not expected to be in the corner this time around. Likewise with Fury’s ex-coach Ben Davison. Plus, the chief second for the December 2018 draw, Freddie Roach.

Instead, Hatton will remain focused on training his own up and coming boxers. Whilst fending off stories from the press is nothing new for the devout Manchester City fan.

It’s not the first time and certainly won’t be the last that the ex-Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao opponent has to defend his social media posts.