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Joseph Jackson discusses forthcoming ShoBox undercard fight, ready to shine

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Joseph Jackson is a humble, hard-working, talented, confident, undefeated Greensboro, North Carolina fighter, who is very aware of the enormous task he faces Friday, February 14 at the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia on Showtime’s national TV platform Showbox: The New Generation. Jackson wants people to know, “I’m 100% ready for this fight!”

Why is this such a big fight?

On a November Showbox: The New Generation card, Steve Farhood called North Carolina boxing the place where fighters go to pad their records and face easy opponents. The last five North Carolina fighters to fight in front of a national TV audience have been completely outclassed and dominated. Finally, Joseph Jackson is 15-0 (12 KO’s) and hell-bent to prove his city Greensboro and his state North Carolina are “tough and talented formed from rough backgrounds and rough times. We are champions and as good as any other city or state.” …Joseph Jackson

“I know what has happened to North Carolina fighters in Philly and other places outside of North Carolina. There is a little pressure and yes, I feel it, but I don’t fold under pressure.”…Joseph Jackson

What makes this opportunity any different?

Since November, Joseph Jackson has been in training camp with world champion Tony Harrison. Two weeks into the camp, Jackson’s team received a call about possibly fighting Derrick Colemon Jr on ShoBox, and the response was a resounding, “Hell, Yes!”

Jackson said, “Colemon is a good, tough fighter with a great amateur background, but he is facing a very hungry man that needs to feed his family.” Jackson does not discredit any of Colemon’s accomplishments, but Jackson reflects on how important this is to Jackson and his family and how he is making the necessary changes to be a champion.

“Since November, I have lived with world champions. I am preparing like a champ, I am always in shape, but they have given me more to be, feel, and act like a champion. I’ve learned the importance of being consistent and even more importantly, I understand what it means to be fully mentally prepared. I played other sports and heard people say the mental was a big part of it and I understood, but now I got it. I totally understand the importance of being mentally prepared and it the physical and mental for me will all come together on fight night,” said Jackson.

What to look for in this fight?

Jackson has waited almost four months for this fight, so he is cranky but calm. Jackson respects his opponent, but knows deep down the 20-year-old Colemon doesn’t have the hunger of a man who needs to feed his family. Jackson, while humble, is confident. A confidence that has grown with victories against better than the usual competition and being able to survive six weeks in a camp with a world champion.

“I have gained supreme confidence in what I have learned and done, but what has put me in such a great state of confidence was being able to survive Harrison’s camp. I watched other really really good fighters come and go during the camp. Many were cut, but I made it and that makes me feel confident I can handle anything, especially this fight. I’m in a really good place and you know I’m not a dude that goes out and brags and talks shit. But, on Friday I am just going to be me, and me being me means winning like I always do!” …Joseph Jackson