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Dave Allen reacts as Gambling Commission launch investigation

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British heavyweight Dave Allen is officially under investigation by the UK Gambling Commission over his third-round win against Dorian Darch.

As World Boxing News reported first, allegations began to circle around social media soon after Allen recorded his victory on Saturday night.

Laboring for the first six minutes in what mimicked a spar, Allen burst into life to secure the stoppage against Darch in the next session.

This led to several fans complaining. Those gripes were made even worse by Sky Sports Head of Boxing Adam Smith’s revelation that the pair shared conversations in the hotel the morning of the fight.

Both men have denied any wrongdoing, although the Gambling Commission, alongside the British Boxing Board of Control, is taking a closer look.

Allen has since given his reaction to the news.

“The last thing I will say on this is (that) the British Boxing Board and Gambling Commission are very welcome to contact me at there convenience. (We can) talk this through and (I’m) happy to answer all questions.

“I hope they do this as soon as possible and put the matter to bed,” said Allen.

Prior to that statement, Allen had said: “People were saying it was a fix because I was planning on it being a six-round move around.

“A few of my mates had a lot of money on the points win and it didn’t come in. But I am not the sort of guy who picks a round to win. I’m not really good enough to do that.

“I’m a heavy-handed, hard b****** and I caught him with a left hook. I stepped off and he said ‘come on’ so I attacked him to the body and put him over.

“I haven’t lost or made any money on it,” the White Rhino revealed.

Allen vs DARCH

Opponent Darch had also aired his views on the initial complaints.

“I’m not lowering myself to answering half of them. If they talk tidy and sensible I answer. I watched it back and was stupid to not go down after the left hook let alone goad him on and get back up,” stated Darch. “I’m just saying I got beat fair and square by a better man and I tried. Boxing is my holiday fund but I always try.

“So just trying to explain (that) you lose badly, you go back to being matched like a novice. “Fix? – If so I want a bigger cut?

“So I’ve been wrong and got panned out by a better man. Back to building roads and houses (on Monday).

“How would you have taken the first left hook off a 19 stone boxer? – (I’m) Not hating just asking.

“(It’s) Just hard to get your head around when you wake up black and blue, (that) people think you have fallen over. I’m just leaving it to go over my head now, ” he added.