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Home » Fans SHOCKINGLY claim Dave Allen fight ‘FIXED’ after third round win

Fans SHOCKINGLY claim Dave Allen fight ‘FIXED’ after third round win

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Fans have taken to social media to claim a heavyweight fight between Dave Allen and Dorian Darch was potentially fixed for a third-round win.

Following a drab first two rounds which mimicked sparring, Allen went all-in against Darch in the third round and got the stoppage.

Some have now revealed their thoughts on Twitter after one reported a spike in trade on UK betting site Betfair.

The comments come after Sky Sports Head of Boxing Adam Smith stated the pair shared conversations in the hotel that same morning.

Smith outlined during commentary from Sheffield Arena that both men were spotted drinking coffee together ahead of the clash.

A few of those questioning the outcome also decided to tag Sky Sports in their argument.

Of a mass outpouring of comments on the result, they included:

Fix in on the Dave Allen fight? Looks like someone’s very keen to back him winning in round 3 on Betfair, looks like some backing with the bookies too.


3 mins before the first bell Allen in the 3rd was suspended on sky bet – fix?

Was a blatant fix, first 2 rounds were embarrassing then straight away in 3rd Allen gets aggressive and Darch says “go on” and falls to the canvas off a slap to the body, then there’s this

I went a half unit- my small play is 2-3u and normal 5-8. So about as small a play on the 16/1. But a 4u on the over 2. Allen said he wanted to carry- he was overweight and had a new trainer. Good cash out on an easy fight to see. But man, was that a fix

So let me get this straight there was a steam move on RD3 Allen and the first two rounds Allen was pulling his punches and then as soon as the third round started he turned it up and won by KO easily one of the worst fix jobs I have ever seen in my life

BOOM BABY BOOM! – Over 2 rounds for 4 units CASHES om Allen Darch! Props to my boys giving me the heads up on the prop! Woo hoo! The fix was in on the fight so we lose .5 on Darch but get the easy money on the over!!!

It’s no surprise bookmakers are reluctant to offer props on fights at that level when you have a clear fix. The only disputable thing is whether Allen carried Darch to 3 and disposed of him or Darch’s plan was to quit in the 3rd but someone definitely knew something…


@SkySportsBoxing – I personally liked Dave Allen, but I’m sorry that was the most blatant dive from Dorian Darch I have ever seen. A total fix! #AllenDarch


Despite plenty of scepticism, one post defended the pair.

“They’re friends who go way back for 1. For 2, Dorian has been KO’d/Stopped his last 7 bar 1. This wasn’t supposed to be an even fight and once he got an earful from the corner, exactly what was expected happened. Of all the fights to “fix” you lot reckon Allen/Darch.

A response to that post came back saying: “Check the lines and what happened before the fight. Then watch the fight. Damn right the fix was in. Believe what you like bud.

Followed by: “I initially thought along those lines but the betting movements coupled with what happened in the ring were very suspicious. In all likelihood Darch wanting to make a few extra quid.”