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Home » WBC says Ivan Redkach punishment for ‘Mike Tyson’ bite is enough

WBC says Ivan Redkach punishment for ‘Mike Tyson’ bite is enough

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The World Boxing Council has chosen not to punish welterweight Ivan Redkach further for his shock bite on ex-world champion Danny Garcia.

According to Garcia, Redkach shouted ‘Mike Tyson’ to ‘Swift’ before taking a nibble at him during their recent fight.

Releasing their view, the WBC says punishment handed out by the New York Commission is already enough.

Ivan Redkach is a professional boxer; a family man who found boxing as a way to provide for his family and for his future. As his professional record shows, Ivan has worked very hard for many years to ascend in the sport and to get an opportunity to become a world champion.

On January the 25th, Ivan challenged Danny Garcia for the WBC Welterweight Silver Championship. That important bout might have been Ivan’s last chance to position himself to fight for a World Championship.

During his fight against Garcia, as clearly shown in the fight’s video, Ivan made a big mistake in the form of an intentional foul; one of the so many fouls listed in the professional boxing ring officials’ guidelines. Most people present, including the Garcia vs. Redkach bout’s referee, did not notice Ivan’s foul.

Yes, Ivan fouled Garcia by biting him on the shoulder. Ivan’s foul was intentional and constitutes “unsportsmanlike behavior in the ring.” Therefore, it is a violation of the WBC Rules & Regulations and the WBC can take disciplinary measures.

Fortunately, Ivan’s foul in no way affected the outcome of the bout. Compared to other fouls and incidents that have occurred in the sport, Ivan’s foul, on the surface, seems to be a minor one.

However, the WBC will not look the other way and will address the matter. Being that Ivan committed the foul during an officially WBC-sanctioned bout.

The media has reported that the local jurisdiction where the Garcia v. Redkach bout took place has suspended Ivan’s license and has imposed a $10,000 fine against him. The WBC considers that the severity of those penalties constitutes sufficient punishment for Ivan.

Anyone who knows Ivan can attest to the kind of person he is; gentle, hard-working and respectful. I am certain that Ivan regrets his mistake, which has hurt him immensely and has put his boxing career in jeopardy.

The WBC will meet with Ivan and will extend its helping hand to him so proper amends can be made.