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Dave Allen has no intention of slowing down career ahead of return

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Dave Allen intends to go the distance with Dorian Darch this weekend despite the fact his opponent usually gets banged out in the first two.

‘The White Rhino’ makes his return to action following a harrowing loss to David Price last July and hopes to get rounds in before a step up in class.

Allen’s words won’t be encouraging to those hoping he builds towards British title class, rather than aiming for the big names.

“I made the mistake of being at 100 percent for two fights in quick succession. So I’m building up my strength and stamina and putting the weight back on correctly,” Allen told Sky Sports at the open workout on Wednesday.

“It’s a six-round fight against an opponent that, on paper, I should beat easily. Ideally, I want to get six rounds in, using my feet and brain and I won’t look for the KO. I want to be boxing. I want to be in the ring and get a feel for it.”

On attempting to secure tougher challenges moving forward, Allen added: “Until (I step up) it is all building blocks.

“That will be the hard part, the ring-walk and getting used to it again. The fear of the fight, as well.

“It’s building blocks. We’ve picked an opponent that we believe is the right one for the right time.

“I’ll use my brain. I’ve never really used my boxing ability – I’ve got great boxing ability because I’ve always felt the pressure. On Saturday I hope to use my boxing ability and shock a few people.”

“I’ve overachieved in terms of headlining at The O2 and numerous pay-per-view appearances. But I’ve only shown 20 or 30 percent.

“The best is yet to come in terms of what I can do. Whether it will ever come out on the night, I’m not sure. Maybe I’m not built for performing in front of crowds.”

Allen’s words won’t be encouraging for those who worried about his mental state after losing to David Price.

The damaging ten-rounder saw Allen spiral into a bad place and eventually take time off social media to correct himself.

Saturday will be a victory, barring a disaster, but Allen is seemingly already thinking about running before he can walk – again.