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Home » Floyd Mayweather protege Gervonta Davis arrested for ‘battering’ woman

Floyd Mayweather protege Gervonta Davis arrested for ‘battering’ woman

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Floyd Mayweather protege Gervonta Davis has been arrested by Coral Gables Police after handing himself in following the emergence of an abusive video on a woman.

Davis was initially spotted at a basketball game throat-marching the victim, said to be his ex, out of the arena. It was caught by an eagle-eyed fan and shared on social media.

Subsequently, police issued a warrant for the arrest of Davis, who is a world champion under the guidance of Mayweather Promotions.

Charges of battery were filed against the 25-year-old, who was fully co-operative under the circumstances.

Coral Gables Police issued the following confirmation: “As a result of an ongoing investigation after being notified through social media and the victim, on Feb. 1, 2020, (Gervonta Davis) was observed battering his former girlfriend, who have a child together.

“(Davis) surrendered himself, to the Coral Gables Police detectives assigned to the case,” the added.

Career-wise, it’s been a pretty smooth run for Davis with Mayweather fully backing him for superstardom from day one.

On more than one occasion, Mayweather has declared Davis his natural successor as the future king of Pay-Per-View. 22 KO’s from 23 wins tell their own story.

But it’s outside of the ropes where Davis seems to have a problem, as Mayweather has himself in the past.

Whether Davis is struggling with his status is up for debate, but certainly, another Adrien Broner situation could be on the cards.

Mayweather has distanced himself from Broner since ‘The Problem’ began getting into several scrapes with police. Davis will need to shape up or he too could face been shipped out.

Davis last fought in December when defeating Yuriorkis Gamboa. Less than a month later, Davis was videoed being handcuffed by police.

It’s a delicate situation for all concerned as Davis faces further damage to his already wavering reputation.