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Home » Exclusive: Floyd Mayweather just teasing on Manny Pacquiao II

Exclusive: Floyd Mayweather just teasing on Manny Pacquiao II

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Former Mayweather Promotions star Ashley Theophane doesn’t see Floyd Mayweather getting back in the ring anytime soon for a rematch with Manny Pacquiao.

In fact, other than a possible crossover against UFC fighter Khabib Nurmagomedov, Theophane doesn’t see Mayweather making a comeback.

This is despite Mayweather himself making an announcement of plans to fight twice in 2020.

Spending five years as part of Mayweather Promotions and appearing on the same card several times, Theophane is well placed to discuss those persistent rumors of yet another comeback fight for Mayweather.

Sadly, Theophane doesn’t think it will happen.

“I don’t believe Floyd will fight again. Maybe against Kabib but the Conor fight I feel has been done,” Theophane exclusively told World Boxing News.

“Manny has tried to get the rematch but Floyd just keeps teasing the fans and media. I’d like Floyd to stay retired. He’s done everything and more during his career.”

During his tenure in ‘The Money Team’, Theophane fought for a world title, losing out to Adrien Broner in 2016.

“To fight on three of his shows at MGM Grand was a life-changing experience,” said the Londoner. “Being on three of the fight week shows in Las Vegas was always big.

“I’m happy to have been part of his team for the final years of his career. I know him more than any British fighter. He’s always treated me like family.

“If not for him, I’d have retired a long time ago and not had some of the best experiences in my life. Floyd is up there with the very best.

“When he is no longer here, his true greatness will probably be appreciated more.”

Concluding on his own plans after leaving Mayweather, Theophane stated: “I loved fighting in Las Vegas and being part of TMT for five years.

“I wanted to fight back home so left a year before my contract was over but there was no love for me from the UK promoters so decided to do a world tour.”

Theophane is hoping to finish off his career in 2020 before turning his hand to coaching. A ‘Treasure Boxing Gym’ is already in the pipeline.

For Floyd, who knows what is in store for the coming months?

Phil Jay is Editor of World Boxing News. Follow on Twitter @PhilDJay.