Alejandra Jimenez suspended, loses 168lb title pending WBC investigation

Alejandra Jimenez


The World Boxing Council has released a statement regarding the current status of Alejandra Jimenez as their Female Super Middleweight Champion.

Jimenez was flagged during the WBC Clean Boxing Program for an adverse finding amidst a victory over Franchon Crews Dezurn.

The former heavyweight title-holder had dropped down from 200 pounds plus and was in tremendous shape when defeating Dezurn on points.

Since the controversy erupted, Dezurn and her promoters Golden Boy have revealed their intentions to be handed the green and gold belt back.

The WBC is set to investigate further before making a final decision.

They said: “An “A” Sample collected by the Voluntary Anti-Doping Association (“VADA”) from Ms. Alejandra Jimenez on January 10, 2020.

“It happened the day before her bout against Franchon Crews Dezurn for the World Boxing Council (“WBC”) Word Female Super Middleweight Championship. The result yielded an adverse finding.

“The WBC has notified Ms. Jimenez of the adverse finding and of the opportunity to witness the opening of the “B” Sample or send a representative to do so as afforded by the WBC Clean Boxing Program Protocol.

“Ms. Jimenez has requested, and VADA has agreed to provide to her, the full documentation pack corresponding to the “A” Sample. They will schedule the opening of the “B” sample container to take place on February 19, 2020.


“In light of the adverse finding, the WBC is provisionally suspending the WBC’s recognition of Alejandra Jimenez as WBC Female Super Middleweight Champion until the WBC’s investigation and adjudicatory process are finalized.

“The WBC has notified Ms. Jimenez and her team of the WBC’s provisional suspension. Also that it is affording Ms. Jimenez the opportunity to present her position to the WBC as part of the WBC Clean Boxing Program Protocol’s investigative process.

“Throughout its investigation, the WBC has extended and will afford, Ms. Jimenez and her team the opportunity to present any available information and materials. Any exculpatory evidence they might deem appropriate.”