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Home » YouTuber invents weird new boxing stance, HOW did he get a pro license?

YouTuber invents weird new boxing stance, HOW did he get a pro license?

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A YouTube boxer who fought on Thursday evening has been described as a ‘crab’ among other things after inventing a whole new boxing stance.

The shorter of the two fighters, in what was allowed to be a pro fight in Miami, looked as though he didn’t know what sport he was taking part in.

Fans on social media have since criticized his performance. Whilst real pros have ridiculed the whole event. It should be a future warning to anyone even thinking of staging anything of the sort.

In an entirely new style, nothing like the usual orthodox, southpaw or any other of the pugilistic stances, the hapless pretender was taken out in just over two minutes.

The shambles has now shed new light on any promoter attempting to justify turning someone over as a professional merely based on YouTube subscribers.

A new law has to be passed due to the obvious fact the procedures currently in place are not monitoring who they give licenses to.

Boxing is not a joke, but this guy clearly thought it was. He simply didn’t know how to do even the most basic of maneuvers.

If this is allowed to continue, someone will get badly hurt. The taller fella couldn’t even box himself and still managed to take his opponent out within one round.

It’s all good and well putting on events and including these online presenters, but it’s clearly dicing with death or serious injury.


Comments on the weird attempt to disguise himself as a fighter were always going to be picked apart on social media.

“He looked awful, as though he wasn’t trained for two years. The stance and the gameplan either weren’t correct or he lost it due to the pressure.” said one.

Others added: “What stance did (he) even have? Was is a squat? He was so unfit!”

“If (his trainer) watched (hi,) train and thought, “yeah, that’s the style and stance you should go with”… Jesus f***ing Christ… Shouldn’t be training anyone.”

“(He) was awful, his stance was completely off. Two clean hits knocked him off balance.”

“Worst ever stance, worst ever footwork, worst ever jabs.. literally had the footwork of a crab. Honestly, I’m glad I fell asleep before the fight started. That was one of the worst YouTube boxing fights ever.”

If the Commission who green-lighted these two don’t hold an inquiry into why they were approved as professionals they are certainly not doing their job.

As things stand, it’s unsafe, unpredictable and nowhere near the standard of proper ratified boxing.

YouTube Boxing should be outlawed from being included in pro events. It isn’t even at the basic amateur status on recent viewing.

Maybe start their own YouTube Boxing company and show solely on YouTube, because any TV Network in the world would never pay money to broadcast what transpired this week.

Phil Jay is Editor of World Boxing News. Follow on Twitter @PhilDJay.