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Home » Exclusive: Lucas Bahdi talks signing with Phil Lo Greco, future plans

Exclusive: Lucas Bahdi talks signing with Phil Lo Greco, future plans

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Canadian contender Lucas Bahdi is ready to take the next step in his career after signing with new manager Phil Lo Greco.

The Niagara Falls native, who is already 8-0, believes joining forces with Lo Greco is just the beginning of a run to the top of the sport.

“I’m excited because I know what Phil can do for me,” Bahdi exclusively told World Boxing News. “He’s been there and seen it all.

“We have known one another for a while now so we are very comfortable with each other. Knowing I have a manager I can trust will take a lot of stress off of me.”

Asked what his targets are for the immediate future, Bahdi responded: “Our main goal for this year is to climb in the rankings and start getting fights in the US.

“I am known in Canada but its time to start getting recognized worldwide. I would love to fight some of the Top guys in Canada. As an amateur, I was ranked #1 at lightweight for years so it would be great to see if anyone can last a few rounds with me as a professional,” he joked.

“We definitely plan on staying busy. 2019 I had seven fights in seven months. As for 2020, we are planning for about eight or nine fights this year.”

Of his eight total victories, all have come within two rounds, meaning a fan-friendly style for Bahdi to showcase.

“I love knockouts! But getting the KO is not something I depend on in the ring. I’m always happy with an early stoppage because the quicker I get these guys out of there, the less stress on my body which will be the main factor in staying busy.

“But my progression from Amateur to Pro has been very smooth. I always had a ‘pro-style’ – so my coach Stevie Bailey and I didn’t have to make too many adjustments.

“I still haven’t seen the third round as a professional. But I am confident in going all the rounds we are scheduled for.”


Concluding on signing a promotional deal and aiming for some of the top-rated stars, ‘The Prince’ knows he has to be patient.

“I don’t have any preferences on a future promoter deal,” he pointed out. “Phil and I are going through our options right now but I am excited to work with any of the world-renowned promoters in the near future.

“As for future opponents, I don’t look up to anyone currently. I belong in the mix with all the current world champions. I’m happy to prove it, sooner than later!”

Phil Jay is Editor of World Boxing News