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Home » ‘The Villain wins’ – Steroid abuse simply a ‘minor setback’ for Jarrell Miller

‘The Villain wins’ – Steroid abuse simply a ‘minor setback’ for Jarrell Miller

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Controversial Jarrell Miller is set to return from his recent exile for steroid abuse after signing up with top US promoters at Top Rank.

The New Yorker, who missed out on fighting Anthony Joshua in June after failing a drug test for THREE or more steroids, has seemingly been rewarded for his outlandish behavior.

Never one to shirk an astute signing or taking on a bad boy, promoter Bob Arum is sure he can tame the ‘Big Baby’.

Arum says Miller has agreed to correct his mistakes and is willing to toe the line in the future.

“Jarrell Miller is serious about coming back, doing things the right way and becoming heavyweight champion of the world,” said Arum. “He is one of boxing’s most unique and exciting characters.

“But most importantly, he can fight.”

The man himself, who caused quite a stir when openly admitting his guilt during the build-up to Joshua vs Miller, seems unfazed by any criticism he may face.

Miller avoided a lengthy ban as the formerly-ranked contender was not under license at the time.

Shockingly, the 31-year-old believes failing for multiple banned substances is a mere bump in the road.

“(It’s a) Minor setback for a major comeback,” declared Miller. “I’m coming for everything and everyone. No one is safe. Say hello to the bad guy.

“Everyone wants to portray the superhero. We don’t live in a sunshine world. I’ll never be the superhero. In my world, the majority of the time, the villain wins.”


Handlers Greg Cohen and Dmitriy Salita, co will look after Miller’s affairs alongside Top Rank, were obviously delighted with the deal.

“I couldn’t be happier that after months of hard work and perseverance, we were able to make this deal a reality,” said Greg Cohen, CEO of Greg Cohen Promotions.

“Top Rank is the perfect partner. ESPN the perfect platform for Jarrell to realize his full potential. To become the dominant force in the heavyweight division.

“Time for Big Baby to get back in the ring!”

Salita added: “Top Rank was my first promoter when I was fighting. I know firsthand that Bob Arum and his team will create the right opportunities for Jarrell.

“Top Rank promotes many of the top heavyweights, including Tyson Fury. Jarrell fits right in with all of the big names in the division.

“Since I started promoting Jarrell as a six-round fighter, I have been saying that he would be the next heavyweight champion from Brooklyn.

“Working with Top Rank, I am confident he will have the chance to realize that goal.”