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Home » ‘Put me straight then’ – Tony Bellew, Kell Brook coach clash over comments

‘Put me straight then’ – Tony Bellew, Kell Brook coach clash over comments

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Former world cruiserweight champion Tony Bellew engaged in a less-than-friendly exchange with Kell Brook’s trainer Dominic Ingle on social media.

The back and forth came after Lawrence Okolie dropped his ‘Ingle’s Pringles’ bomb and then proceeded to exit the debate.

Okolie was originally responding to WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman confirmed Yves Ngabu had tested positive for a banned substance.

In reply, Okolie said his tongue-in-cheek piece before Bellew offered his own view.

‘Bomber’ had said it wasn’t the first failed test from the Ingle Gym before questioning why this might be.

Ingle then got involved by telling Bellew to, ‘engage his brain before he speaks’ a short while later.

Things then took a turn as Bellew then decided to further discuss the ongoings with another dose of his honest opinion.

“I haven’t really said what I believe Dom. I’ve only suggested what I’ve actually seen! I could say more and pass on second-hand information but I’m not that kind of person,” pointed out Bellew.

“You’ve done a good job with some of your fighters, but make no mistake the groundwork was done long before you,” he added.

It wasn’t long before Ingle told Bellew in no uncertain terms to discuss when they meet face-to-face.


“Tony stick to being an expert on what you know, which is being Tony Bellew,” said Ingle. “I’m sure you’d even win an argument with yourself.

“Hopefully @EddieHearn will be inviting you to Sheffield and you can put me straight then.”

Finishing the trade-off, Bellew agreed they should thrash out their differences in person.

“Why do I need to put you straight Dom? This isn’t an argument, by the way, as I don’t do that sort of thing online.

“However, if you have a problem with anything I’m typing or saying then be sure to tell me when you see – which I’m sure will be sooner than later.”

Currently training Kell Brook for a return to action on February 8th in Sheffield, the pair could be in the same room next week.

Bellew usually works Matchroom shows for Sky Sports and may get the opportunity to finally clear the air then.