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Home » WBC promise ‘in-depth investigation’ into Alejandra Jimenez case

WBC promise ‘in-depth investigation’ into Alejandra Jimenez case

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Alejandra Jimenez hit the headlines once again this weekend after being flagged by VADA and the WBC for an adverse finding in a drug test sample.

Jimenez, a former WBC heavyweight champion who boiled down to super middleweight, defeated Franchon Crews-Dezurn earlier this month to become a two-weight queen.

Firstly, questions and accusations were thrown at Jimenez. Not about possible drug-taking, but due to her appearance.

Mud was thrown at Jimenez over the fact some people believed the Mexican was born a man.

Those shock comments were previously dismissed out of hand and condemned by the WBC.

Alejandro Jimenez investigation

Now, after this latest situation came to light, the WBC has promised to go through the due process in full.

“The Voluntary Anti-Doping Association (VADA) has notified the WBC that an “A” Sample collected on January 10 from WBC Female Super Middleweight World Champion Alejandra Jimenez has yielded an adverse finding for a banned substance. This came under the WBC Clean Boxing Program,” the organization stated.

“The WBC will follow its customary protocol. Among other steps, we will be affording Champion Jimenez the opportunity to witness the opening of the “B” Sample. Or to send a representative to do so.

“The WBC will conduct an in-depth investigation of the circumstances that led to the adverse finding.

“Champion Alejandra Jimenez will receive the due process the WBC Clean Boxing Protocol provides.

“As it is customary in similar situations, the WBC will provide additional information as the investigative and adjudicative process moves forward,” Mauricio Sulaimán, the WBC President concluded.

Facing a ban if found guilty, and the potential overturning of the result against Franchon-Dezurn, Jimenez finds herself in a precarious position.

The fighter is yet to make any official comment on her week in the media spotlight.


A statement from Crews-Dezurn’s promoters Golden Boy has already been released.

They said: “As Franchon’s promoter, we are incredibly disappointed for her as she worked incredibly hard to defend her titles.

“However, our job is to ensure the safety of our fighters. Both inside and outside of the ring.

“Thus, we have always assisted and supported testing through the Voluntary Anti-Doping Association (VADA) for all of our world championship fights.

“Jimenez’s fight against Franchon Crews-Dezurn is no exception.

“Now our job is to find justice for Franchon by working closely with the WBC. Furthermore, with the WBO in order to reinstate her as a world champion.”