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Home » Exclusive: Riddick Bowe reveals frustrations in pursuit of Eddie Hearn

Exclusive: Riddick Bowe reveals frustrations in pursuit of Eddie Hearn

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Riddick Bowe and his manager have expressed their ongoing frustrations as they attempt to gain the attention of promoter Eddie Hearn.

Eli Karabrell, acting on behalf of the former undisputed heavyweight champion, had promised Hearn first refusal on handling a Bowe return.

Contacting the Matchroom offices and sending official documents, Karabell updated WBN on the lack of response.

“I just got off the phone with Eddie Hearn’s office. I spoke to Mandy Fox,” Karabell exclusively told World Boxing News. “He has not yet read the contract, will not respond to our offer and we believe is trying to obstruct the process,” he added.

Bowe, who has stated his desire to commit to a long-term comeback despite being 52 years old, fired a warning over the matter.

“Anybody who is trying to stop me from fighting can go kick rocks, and that includes Mr. Hearn,” Bowe told WBN.

The last correspondence previously handed to WBN by Karabell was dated December 4. It read:

Mr. Hearn and Mrs. Fox,

Mr. Bowe intends to sign the previously sent over employment contract with Matchroom Sport. As mentioned on a previous phone call with Mrs. Fox, Mr. Bowe is extremely serious and wants to sign this agreement as soon as possible. I have enclosed the original employment agreement we intend to sign with you.

Mr. Peeples and I have next Wednesday, 12/4/2019, at 9:30 am Central Standard Time (CST USA Time) for a brief call with you and Mr. Hearn.

This email received no response. Karabell has followed up in the interim.

Bowe is obviously growing annoyed in his quest to box again. ‘Big Daddy’ last fought back in 2008.

It’s a far cry from his heyday though as the American ripped through the division during the late 1980s and early 1990s to become a three-belt title-holder.

Victory over Evander Holyfield saw Bowe win WBC, WBA and IBF straps to fully unify due to the lack of prominence of the WBO back then.

Will there be another chapter to write for Bowe?

We wait and see.

Note: World Boxing News was later informed that Riddick Bowe was not returning to the sport.

Phil Jay is the Editor of World Boxing News.