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Home » Chris Eubank Jr. spotlights bungling CCTV home thieves

Chris Eubank Jr. spotlights bungling CCTV home thieves

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World champion boxer Chris Eubank Jr. has revealed thieves who broke into his house stole clothes and valuables overnight.

Taking to Instagram, the two-time IBO super-middleweight title-holder went through every room to show the damage.

Breaking into a back patio door by smashing the window, robbers took what they could get in a seemingly targeted attack.

Capturing the event on CCTV, Eubank outlined how his alarm was down at the time of the incident.

Eubank was due to get the system back up and running today.

Christ Eubank Jr robbed

In a twist, and which gave Eubank the last laugh, the son of a legend added that a coat thrown on the floor during the raid contained a watch worth a lot more than anything the criminals stole.

“I’ve got no doubt that the people responsible for this robbery follow me on social media,” said Eubank Jr. in his Instagram video.

“So you guys at some point are going to see this. I just wanted to take this time to let you know how terrible you are at your craft of being a thief.

“That is just to show you that all the things you could have taken or moved, you decided to throw a jacket onto the floor. I have no idea why. But it’s on the floor.

“Now if you’d have been good at your job and actually taken the time to inspect this garment that you’ve so rudely thrown on the floor. You would have found this (a highly expensive watch). And this is worth about a hundred times more than everything you took in this house…and you left it here!

“The jokes on you. You absolute scumbags!

“The moral of the story is – if you are going to do something do it right. You guys are going to get caught anyway. I’ve got you on CCTV,” he added.

Police are investigating the incident.


Meanwhile, Eubank is due back in the ring in the late spring or summer, having been lined up for a shot at Jermall Charlo’s WBC middleweight title.

Last time out, Eubank shared a bill with Charlo when beating Matt Korobov due to an injury. The pair could soon line up against each other once Al Haymon gives the green light.

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