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Tyson Fury rules out ever fighting in MMA, explains why

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Heavyweight Tyson Fury has denied he will ever compete in an MMA match-up following reports Conor McGregor would train him in the future.

Following a brief training session with form UFC champion Darren Till, and subsequent tongue-in-cheek comments of a possible crossover, stories began to surface that a Fury-McGregor team-up was set in stone.

Respected fighting journalist Gareth A. Davies, currently in Las Vegas for UFC 246 headlined by McGregor vs Donald Cerrone, caught up with Fury to ask him straight up.

“I would fight an MMA fighter,” clarified Fury to Davies. “But not in a wrestling match (with groundwork). In a stand-up fight.

“We could go into a cage and put cage gloves on. If they wanted to kickbox, but I don’t recommend that with a giant with long legs.

“Whatever they wanna do. As long as it’s not grabbing to the floor and all that. I don’t like all that stuff. It’s not really my thing.

“I’m alright with my legs, but it’s not my thing. Punching is my thing. Obviously, you can’t have it your own way all of the time.

“But any one of them guys (Miocic, Jones or Ngannou). When I’m finished with the boxing I’ll have a dust-up with them.”

McGregor had already distanced himself from potentially coaching Fury as he prepares for his long-awaited UFC return on Saturday night.

‘The Notorious’ said: “I know Tyson’s been talking about it a lot. Me and him spoke. I said that I would train him.

“I’d never spoken to Tyson in my life, but it’s not a bad little story so I let it roll.

“Tyson’s a good man, I like Tyson. He’s a great boxer, a phenomenal boxer, probably the best natural boxer in the heavyweight division at this time. So who knows?

Tyson Fury

“I don’t think he’s just saying he would do it, then not do it like a lot of them do, I say Tyson probably would do it in time.

“Maybe we could set something up. I’m not going to be holding mitts for him or anything. But if he wanted to be trained by me or even educated by me, I’d need to see him in certain positions or situations.

“I need to see him spar a heavyweight. I need to see him deal with the leg kicks. I’d need to see him in the bottom position and then I’d assess that and off he’d go. That would be something I could do for Tyson. I found it funny he said we’d hugged and all this (laughing), I’ve never spoken to Tyson in my life (before then).

“He’s a mad man, Tyson. It’ll be cool that he’s going to be there (at 246).”