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Home » Could we see a Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor Rematch?

Could we see a Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor Rematch?

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The Irish UFC fighter and boxer Conor McGregor is craving to put Floyd Money Mayweather on his shelf of achievements as a trophy. 

Four years ago, the Ultimate Fight Championship mogul became the first and the only fighter to have not one but two awards at once in the result of him taking E.Alvarez down.

That day he added the lightweight champ status to his coronet. 

He at this point recalled super cash turning battle against legendary undefeated and invincible Champ in ‘17 and uncovered he has ambitions to come back to the game sooner than later.

That night, Floyd’s ensured check was $100 million and McGregor’s check was $30 million. However, including pay-per-view and endorsements filled Floyd’s bag with $275 million and Conor took the $85 million check.

But not only the fighters hit the lotto that night. People all over the world placed their bets on whomever they thought would win. Floyd fans raked in nearly 5 times the amount they bet, unlike the other camp that lost. But unusual exceptions were made in Ireland and Norway.

The weird support by Norwegian companies was explained by the fact that McGregor has always shown his love for Norway and it was time to give it back. His fans and supporters deeply believe he can take Floyd out. Mayweather left the fighting scene after that stunning night.

He has 50 wins and 0 losses and that result is unbeatable. So McGregor thinks he can force a Mayweather comeback for their rematch. 

“I demand it! I want it! Deep down I know he is going to want it too, it’s challenging” said Conor at his last press conference.

“That is to say, he’s playing with it and he can proceed to pick another person however it won’t be the equivalent. 

“I did great in that one. Also, the main explanation I lost was that I arranged for a dark footed Philly shell style of the adversary. What’s more, when the battle was that way, I was dissecting him. 

In the Ultimate Fighting Championship, the longest battles last for like a quarter-hour, three rounds of five minutes. That match had a most extreme length of 37 minutes -12 three-minute rounds – and Conor had been battling for somewhat more than 28 minutes when the arbitrator called an end. He conceded a while later that he was exhausted, however, he said he believed that Byrd had halted the battle too early.

“Let him put me down,” Conor said. “That is weakness, that is no harm. Where were the last two? Let me stroll back to my postie and get it right.” 

In the blink of an eye before that, Floyd, standing tall, pushed his clench hand unequivocally into Connor’s jaw, and he lurched in reverse. Money kept on pushing ahead, hooking peppery left-right blends that left Conor swollen in the face. He stumbled into the ropes, and The referee called it quits. 

“He’s formed,” Conor said of Floyd, whom he had vowed to take out in like four rounds. “He’s not quick, he’s not so ground-breaking, in any case, is he confident in there.”

“At that point, he approached and I wasn’t sinking into my shots like I am currently with my boxing trainers, folks who are penetrating explicit confining things to me once more. I know I will beat Floyd in case we rematch – when we rematch. 

“He won’t do blended military workmanship battle as it should be! It should be my boxing and afterward, we’ll do a blended hand to hand fighting session. That is the information disclosed. It wasn’t composed, yet it was a verbal understanding right. Clearly, that is not going to occur. I’m not, in any case, going to push him on that either. Yet, I might want to box him, that would be a decent rematch.” 

In any case, will it really occur? McGregor knows Mayweather and Ultimate Fighting Championship supervisor D.White have worked out an arrangement for in the not so distant future where White has just conceded Mayweather will battle, so McGregor is certain he’ll get his man. 

“You never know, we could battle this year, the Showtime fighters and Floyd are acceptable individuals to work with. 

“For ‘the Money’ night, I had 2 months to get ready for it, only 2 months. Prior to that, I wasn’t in good shape. I repeat, I had 2 months. This time I’m fully charged up.” 


Conor also stated. that he was in shape to fight Pacquiao and Paulie. 

“I need to box once more, I will box once more. I will get a Boxing Champ title.” 

At the point when it was placed to him that he would require numerous battles to get an opportunity at world wonder, Conor – knowing his value – dismissed the thought. 

“No I would box on numerous occasions, I really love boxing and I’m damn acceptable.” 

Prior to any of that, however, Conor must see off ‘Cattle rustler’ Cerrone on Sunday. 

In case he finishes successfully, at that point a successful middleweight J.Masvidal needs a bit of Conor’s money-making machine, while there is additionally the probability of a rematch with Nurmagomedov.