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Home » What did Deontay Wilder say about Wladimir Klitschko sparring KO’s?

What did Deontay Wilder say about Wladimir Klitschko sparring KO’s?

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Dillian Whyte’s recent claims regarding sparring knockouts by Wladimir Klitschko over Deontay Wilder are nothing new.

In fact, Whyte was probably told to regurgitate the rumors by Sky Sports’ own commentator Johnny Nelson.

It was Nelson who first spouted talk two years ago of Klitschko apparently dropping Wilder in training sessions between the pair in 2012.

Those statements are unsubstantiated but wholely probable given the climate.

At the time, Wilder was in his early twenties and keen to learn the sport from the best around. Klitschko was then seven years into his domination.

If Klitschko did put Wilder, who was a predominant cruiserweight anyway, down – there is no shame in that.

Whyte went for the low blow, simply down to his own frustrations.

Back in 2017, when speaking to, Wilder refuted those remarks flat out.

“He said that me and Klitschko sparred on various occasions, and in fact that Klitschko knocked me out cold and dropped me with a body shot? Keep in mind that Klitschko hasn’t thrown a body shot in eleven damn years,” said Wilder.

“All of a sudden it had to be me. Why me? I had to be dropped in sparring. I was only in the Klitschko camp one time and I held my own very well with everybody.

“All of a sudden this mysterious untold story of me and Klitschko and he knocked me out. C’mon man. Please, people with b**** tendencies.


“I’m the wrong man to spread rumors about and lies. Then you go on to say that I went to the AJ-Klitschko fight with 90,000 people and all of a sudden my attitude changed. That I had a willing heart to fight AJ.

“What are you talking about? I had that same willing heart since I touched my feet on your soil.

“Then you said that after Joshua beat Klitschko, that my attitude changed that I knew that it wasn’t going to be a soft touch fight anymore. My dude, what’s the difference between Tyson Fury beating Klitschko and AJ [beating him].

“Fury had an easier time with Klitschko. If anything I think that I’m going to whoop that a**. Don’t hype these people up Johnny. If you’re going to do it, at least say the truth about it.

“The only thing that I thought about when I saw that fight, is how I’m going to whoop his ass like Norbert Ekassi KO’d your ass in 1992, my dude.

“Boxing may have originated in the UK, but those belts are going back to the USA, trust me.”

The fact stories about Wilder continue to come out of one stable, which is linked to Joshua, Whyte, Eddie Hearn, and Nelson says a lot about where intentions lie.

It’s very, very possible that Wilder was dropped by Klitschko, but telling sparring stories for self-gain is a disputable way to go about earning a fight.