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Home » Briedis vs Dorticos: Who will win the WBSS Final in Latvia?

Briedis vs Dorticos: Who will win the WBSS Final in Latvia?

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Mairis Briedis and Yuniel Dorticos had to wait for a couple of months to get to the light heavyweight finale of the second season of the World Boxing Super Series.

The date and area are already official. The fight is scheduled on the 21st of March at Arena Riga in Mairis’s birthplace – Riga, Latvia.

This event will, for sure, cause massive betting activities in Nordic countries, especially in Norway and Sweden, since these two are deeply involved in Combat Sport.

“The finals of the second season of the WBSS will be eye-catching,” said K.Sauerland.  Lead Boxing Officer of the World Boxing Super Series. “After legendary Ali matches – R.Prograis against J.Taylor and N.Inoue against N.Donaire – it’s an ideal moment to crown the light-heavyweight King of the World Boxing Super Series. 

“It’s already well known, whoever lifts the trophy, named after a legendary boxer Cassius Clay, will end up turning into a fighter to crush in the division. As with other important fights, we are glad to have the legendary The Ring championship belt on hold in Latvia.”

Yunier aka The Ko Doctor (24 wins -1 loss, 22KOs) came back to the game in his success, taking down never before beaten A.Tabiti. He earned the IBF title which will be put on the map. The most exciting endgame was appropriately reflected during the grant season, arriving as the KO of the Year ‘19. 

It additionally pushed the Florida-located Cuban fighter above and beyond than was the situation a year earlier, when he had to bow out in the elimination round of the World Boxing Super Series’ first season light-heavyweight competition. That mishap came on account of M.Gassiev, enduring the twelfth round KO in Moscow. Yunio Dorticos is completely ready to visit a rival’s old neighborhood once more, now he is fully charged up to get his job done. 

“Mairis, you better get ready for war,” said The KO Doctor. He stepped into the second season as the second seed. “Let’s just give every boxing lovers worldwide a super exciting legendary fight”.

“When the night comes you will realize why I was given this nickname. The Trophy has my name written on it!” 

Mairis (26 wins – 1 loss, 19KOs) stepped into the competition as the main seed and will appreciate his old neighborhood benefit for the subsequent straight battle. The efforts to take him down in the final fight, in any case, was the reason for the not so short setback. 

In about an hour after Yunio punched his way into the last moment of the competition, Mairis arrived as a double-cross light-heavyweight titlist following a third-round KO of K.Glowacki in their wild slugfest last summer. The session was buried in contention, which became the subject of two proper interests recorded with the WBO, whose title Mairis earned following the success. 

The core of the dissent originated from the gross misusing of a foul-filled cycle two where ref R.Byrd neglected to appropriately teach the two contenders, alongside permitting the round to last well past the three-minute imprint, which came about in Glowacki – who had been amazed only before the chime – hitting the deck for a second time a decent ten seconds after the genuine finish of the casing. 

Mairis was allowed to keep the KO win on his record, yet his opponent – through his legitimate group was effective in a quick rematch requested between the two. Mairis neglected to conform to the decision, making the World Boxing Organization status available all the while. 

Additionally, a semifinalist of the first season, longing to push ahead with the competition outweighed everything else with the now previous double cross status holder. “I’m excited for this fight”, whose solitary misfortune came in the season one elimination rounds to inevitable competition champ O.Usyk. “It is good for the county to host an event of such greatness. A huge number of eyes worldwide will watch what’s going on at the Arena Riga on the battle night. “It will be an exciting battle. I’m confronting one of the best light-heavyweights. The stake is so high and the two of us are heading for a certain goal – to win everything!” 


The victor will win competition praises as the beneficiary of the Trophy, named after the late, three-time World Light-Heavyweight Champ. With Aleksandr now contending in the heavyweight league, another champ will likewise be delegated with such acknowledgment to likewise originate from the TBRB and The Ring. 

“The World Boxing Super Series and The Ring have a shared objective; we endeavor to search out the best contender in each weight class,” expressed T.Gray, partner supervisor for The Ring and furthermore a prominent history specialist. “The Latvia Native and The KO Doc meet in the World Boxing Super Series light-heavyweight match. The Ukranian moved to the upper division, this session will choose his clear 90 kilos. By and by, the Ali Trophy and The Ring statuses will be in question, and battle fans will be blessed to receive boxing at its best.” As has been the situation for the entirety of the second season of the World Boxing Super Series, the fight will be aired on a London-based sports streaming service DAZN.