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Home » Alejandra Jimenez opponent goes sickeningly further, adds shock WBC accusations

Alejandra Jimenez opponent goes sickeningly further, adds shock WBC accusations

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Carlette Ewell is obviously very passionate about her feelings towards former opponent Alejandra Jimenez after losing a WBC title shot in April 2017.

After previously accusing Jimenez of being born a man, Ewell released further allegations of racism at the World Boxing Council.

Choosing some sickening language, Ewell made horridly derogatory comments against Jimenez after taking aim at the WBC.

“People just got to listen to me because I know my Boxing,” she began.

“This is why Franchon Crews-Dezurn lost her titles because the WBC wants Alejandra vs Claressa (Shields). The WBC does not want Claressa or Deontay as their Champions.

Alejandro Jimenez gender row

Alejandra Jimenez WBC champ male
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“They consider them too ‘HOOD’ but are not coming out directly to speak on it because they are speaking around it.

“All of this been calculated to the T. It’s just at this time everyone either of them has fought they have beat up and or stopped so they are still stuck with them being their Champions.

“The WBC wants Alejandra to be their sole Champion. If Andy Ruiz would have won the rematch then they would have hurried up to match him vs Deontay.”


Adding insults to the appearance and voice of Jimenez, Ewell continued: “We should boycott to not fight Alejandra as speculated she was born a MAN and transitioned into what we know as of today a Female.

“All she did was have breast added and her penis tucked into a vagina. She didn’t have her voice reconfigured though. She still speaks of a man’s tone.

“The simple test is for Alejandra to prick her finger to have blood drawn to determine the Y Chromosome. Also, the test of HCG will tell the birth gender.

“There are several other tests as well that could be used to know birth gender. Something has to be done.

“Alejandra has also fought Men in Mexico during her amateur reign of ten bouts.

“This is a f***ing mess and something needs to be done about allowing born males to compete against born females.

“The natural-born strength of a male does not equate to a natural-born woman. It’s two different human analysis.

“Franchon asked for this test and to my knowledge was not granted.”