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Home » Boxing manager convinced Alejandra Jimenez is MALE, predicts tragedy

Boxing manager convinced Alejandra Jimenez is MALE, predicts tragedy

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The former manager of now-deceased legends Saoul Mamby and Hector Camacho, Steve Tannenbaum, has predicted a grim future for women’s boxing.

A recent back and forth involving ex-world title challenger Carlette Ewell and the WBC has caused a rift between the sport and transgender issues.

Ewell claims two-weight world champion Alejandra Jimenez is a man. Claims the WBC has stated are bullying in a recent statement.

Holding nothing back, Tannenbaum is backing Ewell’s accusations. Even going so far as to reveal his own fears.

Tannenbaum says it may now take a serious incident before the practice of allowing males to compete as women in the sport is thrown out completely.

“As sure as I doubt about the integrity of the Albert Hughes bout, I am equally doubtful of the true gender of Alejandra Jimenez,” Tannenbaum told WBN. “I’m sure she was born a biological male.

“As bad an acting job that we witnessed Tramane Towns pull off in his bout with Albert Hughes, I wonder what the medical credentials were of the plastic surgeon who performed the male to female transition on Jimenez.

“Perhaps the operation was performed by Tramane’s acting coach as the result is laughable.

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“Jimenez doesn’t appear to have any features that pass for a female. And the real give away is the voice is distinctly male.

“In the female boxing arena, there are many of these types competing that causes one to question the true gender. But for me, Jimenez is the most blatant example I’ve seen.

“Carlette Ewell is absolutely correct in her accusation. The decision in her bout should be declared to a NC (No Contest).

“It is blatantly unfair for a female to compete against a male in combat sports. Forget what the current social engineers’ process as equality between the sexes.

“If this continues in so-called women boxing, there will be a death caused by a biological male posing as a woman.

“When this happens, the issue of transitioning boxers will take a legal stage. Will they then be banned from competing?”

Due to the nature of the above comments, WBN would like to acknowledges that Mr. Tannenbaum’s views are not a reflection of our own in this case.

Phil Jay is Editor of World Boxing News. An auxiliary member of the Boxing Writers Association of America. Follow on Twitter @PhilDJay