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Home » WBC jump to champion’s defense, say ‘born a man’ claims are ‘bullying’

WBC jump to champion’s defense, say ‘born a man’ claims are ‘bullying’

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World Boxing Council chiefs have leaped to the defense of super middleweight champion Alejandra Jimenez following defamatory comments made by a former opponent.

Jimenez has been labeled a transgender athlete by Carlette Ewell, who challenged the Mexican when she was the heavyweight title-holder in April 2017.

Taking to social media, Ewell has even gone so far as to try pointing to a possible Adam’s apple on the throat of Jimenez during several posts on her account.

The WBC has now felt the need to react and released their comments accordingly.

“It is shameful and regrettable to read the irresponsible, defamatory, discriminatory and untrue comments on social media concerning Alejandra Jimenez. She is our proud WBC Super Middleweight World Champion,” they stated.

“The individuals writing such rubbish and the organizations publishing it have zero moral integrity. It is the WBC’s duty to set the record straight. To stop the horrible and inhuman attack on a person who is an example. A motivation to the world.

“In a sport like boxing, which traditionally has prided itself for being accepting of people from all strata of life. On the diversity of its participants, our Champion Alejandra Jimenez is being the target of attacks for having the courage to live an openly gay lifestyle. Manifesting an appearance that is pleasing to her and her community.

“Alejandra Jimenez is being bullied and deprived of the most deserving moment of glory. She should be lauded and praised as the role model she is.

“Instead, she finds herself having to defend her appearance and lifestyle.

“The false and completely unsubstantiated accusations hurled at our Jimenez, offend the boxing community as well as society, but most importantly, Alejandra.

“The WBC remains proud of our Champion Alejandra Jimenez. We recognize her amazing accomplishments. We continue to stand by her through her glory.”


Jimenez claimed her second weight world title when defeating Franchon Crews-Dezurn on Saturday night in Texas.

Previously, Jimenez had lost a huge amount of timber due to exercise and diet. This was no mean feat.

Ewell seems relentless in proving her case about Jimenez, although all the accusations have left a sour taste on the recent victory.