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Home » I fought a man! – Ex-opponent claims female WBC champ was born male

I fought a man! – Ex-opponent claims female WBC champ was born male

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Former multi-time world title challenger Carlette Ewell has accused ex-foe and WBC champ Alejandra Jimemez of covering up the fact she was born male.

The shocking allegations were made following Jimenez recently taking Franchon Crews-Dezurn’s WBC super-middleweight crown.

Jimenez, who dropped down from a reign at HEAVYWEIGHT to battle Crews-Dezurn, is now being linked to a lucrative fight with Claressa Shields.

But since the victory, questions have been raised by a host of detractors, including Ewell.

Losing to Jimenez for the WBC top division crown in April 20187 via stoppage, Ewell is adamant something is up with the Jimenez backstory.

“I’ve been in Alejandra’s presence and fought her. She sounds like a MAN. She has features of a MAN,” stated Ewell.

Ewell on Jimenez

“(We think) She could have had a sex change to a woman. If she did, it doesn’t appear that nothing can be done about her competing as a woman.”

Later, updating on her claims, Ewell posted extracts from a Wikipedia page that had been doctored to include unproven transition statements.

Carlette Ewell
Carlette Ewell

“Found what I was looking for. Yes, Alejandra was BORN a MAN and transitioned to a WOMAN.

“We were absolutely correct. You would know because you are ALL MAN. We both said, that I was fighting a MAN on 04.01.2017 for the WBC Heavyweight Championship.”

Ewell added a message to Crews-Dezurn, by saying: She more than likely didn’t have any Visa issues from the delay of when y’all were first to fight. Because she was born a MAN.

“Her hormones and body mass had to be calculated on how much to lose weight within a specified time within a year or longer to prevent health issues.

“Better know her team knows this. So does the WBC. Everyone is keeping hush-hush because it’s about the dollars and having Alejandra to fight Claressa,” Ewell concluded.

Shields vs Jimenez is a possibility, although the former has stated a clash with Geovana Peres could happen in 2020.

The self-professed ‘GWOAT’ is eyeing a fourth-weight world title. It comes after creating women’s boxing history against Ivana Habazin.

Winning three-division straps in record time, Shields is fast making a case to challenge Cecilia Braekhus as the P4P number one.