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Home » ‘Deontay Wilder ‘thumped cold’ in Wladimir Klitschko KO’ – Dillian Whyte

‘Deontay Wilder ‘thumped cold’ in Wladimir Klitschko KO’ – Dillian Whyte

Dillian Whyte has uncovered that Deontay Wilder was taken unconscious by previous heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko in the past when he worked with him as a fighting accomplice. Deontay attempted to go hard on Wladimir, but couldn’t avoid getting caught.


In a meeting with SkySports, Dillian Whyte reflects on Wladimir, who at the time was the best fighter on the planet, got Wilder with a major right hook and thumped him oblivious on the canvas. K.O.! With the power that Klitschko had in his right hand, it was not quite unexpected that he took Wilder out.


In a similar press conference with Sky, Deontay mentioned, that he was advised to return home by Wladimir’s camp after he messed him up in a fight. He didn’t get into details of what he did to mess up Wladimir, however, in the event that it included the sort of raw strategies we saw from him against Dereck Chisora and Joseph Parker, at that point, it’s clear why he was sent home.


“Klitschko backs up, switches his foot tactic. Followed by torso hits, tosses that bluff punch, left hit, bam. He (Deontay) had his hands up, was gone,” said Whyte to SkySports. “It wasn’t a knockdown, he was thumped cold.”


This fighting session happened way back for it to be relevant data about the present. On the off chance that the now 43-year-old Wladimir confidently walked into Wilder’s present preparing camp, and took him unconscious, at that point that would be crazy news and an awful sign for him. In any case, what Whyte is discussing is a scene that may have happened 9 years prior in 2011, and that is excessively far back for it to have an orientation on what’s to come.


Maybe if we could travel through time, and have the present form of Wilder travel back to the past to fight young Wlad, it would reveal something. You could tell, betting websites would go crazy over these two having a real fight, with fans all over the world betting fortunes on their favorite athlete. We have already seen reports of some Australian live casino poker rooms receiving a bunch of withdrawal requests from punters that are actually willing to sacrifice their stakes to bet on such fights.  Other than that, it’s trivial and pitiable for Deontay to raise a fighting episode from about a decade ago.


Whyte bringing this old fighting story up now probably won’t change his circumstances with Wilder. He’s STILL not going to get a title shot until next year. Regardless of whether he takes a loss to Fury at MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Whyte is as yet going to need to hang tight until ’21 for his title shot.


Whyte says he’s not scared of Wilder

“People get frightened by Wilder for the things he says, and the way he behaves. But well, I’m not scared of him”


“Man, if you fight in the same weight class as someone, and they scare you, go and find a different hobby, work your regular 9 to 5,” said Whyte. “You can’t be scared of these dudes. The way of acting that he does, and the things you hear from him about him wanting to kill people, I don’t care about that bluff.”


“It would not be easy beating him,” said Whyte about Wilder. “In the early doors, he usually moves too much and is guileful and guarded. But if you manage to take his right hook away, it gets a bit easier. You may think, ‘He won’t be able to take his right hook away.’ But as a professional, you know how to do things. You think of these guys like, ‘He has got power, and he’s speedy, quick,’ but I always find a technique to harm these guys and wound these guys.


“I think with Deontay Wilder, you really have to stay in his right side and jab his torso,” said Whyte. “You’ve got to be in a position to fight him at a distance and in close. You guys think it’s risky to go at him at the range, but as a professional, you can fight a guy fighter and use the range to defeat him.”