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Home » Telli Swift reveals what Tyson Fury told Deontay Wilder at face-off

Telli Swift reveals what Tyson Fury told Deontay Wilder at face-off

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Tyson Fury was up to his usual mind games as the Briton went face-to-face with old foe Deontay Wilder on Monday in Los Angeles.

The pair of undefeated heavyweight brutes air their thoughts in a break from camp ahead of their February 22 rematch in Las Vegas.

Fury promised to knock Wilder out during proceedings, declaring the second round as his target. But during the head-to-head, Fury used alternative methods to put Wilder off the scent.

Wilder’s fiancee Telli Swift as on stage at the two squared-up. Fury can be heard saying, ‘I’m absolutely sh**ing myself’ to Wilder. Swift then repeated those words in a video clip posted on her Instagram page.

It’s all warming up nicely as Wilder and Fury traded several barbs at a press conference hastily-arranged.

“This is a major fight for the public and everyone should be excited. It doesn’t’ get any better than this,” said Wilder.

“Two giants and two champions, putting it all on the line for everyone’s entertainment. We’re leaving it all in the ring to see who is the king.”

Fury stated: “When I get him in there again, I’m going to make him feel the fury.

“I’ve never been as sure of anything in my whole life. As sure as I was this morning putting this suit on.

“One hundred percent he can’t win. He’s got a puncher’s chance like anyone else. I’m much sharper and more fit now. I’m ready to rumble right now. I

“hope he trains hard and goes to bed sleeping thinking about me.”

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