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There’s only one way to defeat Tyson Fury, Deontay Wilder knows it

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Deontay Wilder goes into the fight of his life on February 22nd knowing only too well what he was to do in order to secure victory.

From his experience of sharing twelve rounds with Fury in December 2018, ‘The Bronze Bomber’ will do what he always does – go for the head.

Fury was in control for the majority of their WBC title clash in Los Angeles, barring two lapses in concentration which could have been disastrous.

Only taking his eye off the ball for two seconds during the whole 36 minutes, that’s all the American puncher needed to capitalize.

Underestimated for what ring skills he does possess, Wilder picked his shots perfectly to drop Fury to the canvas. The second time was almost all she wrote.

That famous double-shot knockdown seemed to be curtains. Fury then came back from oblivion in what’s since been compared to World Wrestling Entertainment’s famous Undertaker character.

Therefore, Wilder knows exactly what he has to do. Something Fury has previously alluded to himself.

Wilder has to ‘nail him to the canvas’. Finding a harder punch than the one which almost decapitated Fury in the final session will be hard to come by, though. And is probably why UK bookmakers have ‘The Gypsy King’ a slight favorite to prevail.

So, can he find that shot? – The Alabama Slammer has certainly done it before.

Back in January 2016, Wilder found such a blow. It was probably the most sickening knockout of his career – and there have been many.

At the time, Wilder admitted he thought he’d killed Szpilka – such was the ferocity of the right hand.

Coupled with the fact Szpilka was leaning in, the detonation was four times the impact. Nobody on the planet would have made the ten count after that punch.

Rest assured that Wilder is working on something similar in store for Fury, whilst the Briton will be extra lean and fast in order to be on full alert.

One has the skills to avoid detection for those twelve stanzas. The other has the punch power and knowhow to take advantage of a single mistake.

That’s what makes this such a must-watch match-up and probably the most fascinating pairing in all of boxing.

Phil Jay is the Editor of World Boxing News.