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Opinion: No other sport that would allow YouTubers as pros

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It’s no secret World Boxing News are on the side of the majority of real boxing fans when it comes to the debate on YouTubers boxing.

Average Joes who hit the gym on a regular basis are being given an unwarranted platform by networks and promoters looking to make a fast buck or bump up subscribers.

Those against the move are regularly told, ‘it’s good for the sport’ or ‘it will bring in new audiences’ – but deep down we all know that isn’t true.

The sport is being exploited as it’s obviously deemed an easy one to manipulate. Pitting two gym bunnies against each other of similar skill level amounts to a fail-safe way of making money.

Let’s get this straight – that’s all this new and tiring fad is all about. It’s not to help grow boxing or anything of the sort. Anyone who believes that is merely kidding themselves.

By definition, those who are participating are simply internet presenters who have been placed on a pedastal for one reason only – they have millions of likes, views or followers.

For me, and I’m not alone, this is certainly not a right of passage to box professionally.

Just because you command an audience, that gives you no right to compete in a top-level event capacity. Frankly, it’s becoming a joke and pulling the wool over fans’ eyes.

Boxing is one of the most serious sports anyone can be involved in. This is not being fully respected by putting on these kind of shows and disguising them as bonafide contests.

If you could name one other sport that would allow talentless and unproven YouTubers to become fully-fledged professional it would be a huge surprise.

But once again, pugilism gets preyed upon for no other reason than other people’s gain. Not only is it damaging to the real pro’s, it’s making a mockery of everything boxing stands for.

Trading blows and competing man-to-man is a great hope to a lot of young people in trouble. It’s a way out of a bad life or a situation that’s only going down one road – mainly death or jail.

So to have these over-priveleged millionaire primadonna’s ramraiding events is a pure and utter slap in the face. It takes the spotlight and column inches from the young, up and coming fighters.

Writers and journalists are expected to give portions of precious airtime to unwarranted FIFA players and prankers.

The sooner this is over the better everyone who truly loves the sport will be.

It’s understandable the millenial generation are on board with it, but the whole charade should be segregated from pro boxing. Why – because is NOT pro boxing and couldn’t be further from it.

YouTubers can punch seven bells out of each other (if capabale) whenever they want, just keep it on your own platform and away from the real pros.

The die hards who agree can ultimately never win this argument, though. The cold-hard dollar always speaks volumes.

Therefore, as long as the YouTube fans keep lapping it up and clicking on subscribe, those of us on the other side of the marmite table will probably have to lump it.

That is until some inevitable and permanent damage is done.

The views expressed in this article are the opinions of Phil Jay. Learn more, read all articles from the experienced boxing writer, and follow on Twitter @PhilJWBN.