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Home » IBO, strict IBF remain leading lights in ‘too many titles’ boxing row

IBO, strict IBF remain leading lights in ‘too many titles’ boxing row

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International Boxing Federation chiefs have faced a backlash in recent years for their strict stance on insisting champions stick to their mandatories.

The likes of Tyson Fury and Canelo Alvarez have been stripped in the past, proving the IBF is not concerned with superstar reputation.

Praised by the majority of fans for being a stickler to stipulations, the IBF has received further kudos for resisting the urge to add more trinkets.

While the WBC, WBA, and WBO have all added to their collection, the IBF has joined the IBO in remaining steadfast on one per division.

This discounts ranking titles that have virtually been present. Those International or Inter-Continental stepping stones are a much-needed definition of which fighters deserve to be rated.

When you talk about the urge to add more, the controversial WBA ‘regular’ title instantly springs to mind, which WBN no longer recognizes.

Despite plenty of frowns, and in a shocking move, WBA bosses decided to launch the WBA ‘Gold’ championship in 2019. A belt some promoters instantly attempted to pass off as a genuine crown.

The boxing fraternity had none of it. Soon after, the WBA Gold was placed just above the newly-formed WBO ‘Global’ on top of a growing scrap heap.

By then, WBO President Paco Valcarcel had followed the WBA with a ‘Super’ title for exceptional achievement.

Too many boxing titles

WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman is criticized for his choice of adding ‘special’ belts to significant events. But, sadly, some protesters don’t realize they are simply a one-off.

The WBC Silver is accepted more often than not as a ranking belt. Although the WBC Franchise belt seems to be the one people have the most problem with.

This, alongside the WBC ‘Diamond’ belt, is a target for abuse regularly.

Ditching those ‘special one-off’ titles and the Diamond version could go a long way to the World Boxing Council earning more praise from fans. After all, they do possess the original and most-coveted green and gold belt.

IBF President Daryl Peoples, alongside Ed Levine of the IBO, fully deserves credit. Both do not adhere to apparent pressure to please every promotional company.

A title held by Floyd Mayweather, Ricky Hatton, and Manny Pacquiao in the past, the IBO belt continues to be sought after by the likes of Anthony Joshua, Andy Ruiz Jr., and Gennadiy Golovkin.

There’s only one IBF and IBO championship in circulation—something most of the sport would like to see with no grey areas.

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IBO Championship

World Boxing Council

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WBC Championship

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World Boxing Association

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Phil Jay is the Editor of World Boxing News.