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Danny Quartermaine set for pro debut on Feb 22

Danny Quartermaine looks set to give fight fans nights to remember during his professional boxing career.

The 22 year-old super-featherweight has decided to punch for pay after an exciting 89-bout amateur career with Cleary’s ABC that peaked with winning the English belt, silver at the Haringey Box Cup and an appearance for his country.

Edwin Cleary has been with Quartermaine since he made his ring debut at 15 – and will be with the Cunnington crowdpleaser’s corner when he launches his professional career at Villa Park’s Holte Suite on Saturday, February 22.

Quartermaine, who will be managed by Mervyn Turner, is an exciting addition to the professional ranks – and he’s aiming high.

“I haven’t turned pro to have a few fights and walk away,” he said.

“I want to get to the top, but I know I have to take it step by step. The first thing I need to do is to get my name known by people in professional boxing. I need to build a reputation the way I did as an amateur.”

Cleary revealed: “Danny has had offers to turn professional over the last couple of years, but we wanted him to compete at elite senior level for as long as possible.

“Mervyn has won Danny over with his plans for him, which will become clear in the next few months.”

As an amateur, Quartermaine was known for his appetite for fighting and when he didn’t win, he gave his opponent a really tough night.

Corey O’Regan and Ryan Garner are both highly-touted unbeaten professionals who hold Quartermaine in high esteem after sharing a ring with him during their amateur careers.

“I was always boxing lads with more experience than me,” he said. “I never said ‘No’ to a fight. I’ve never been scared to fight anyone and if there’s a chance for sparring, I don’t care if they’re heavier than me.”

Quartermaine found others were rather more choosy who they got in the ring with.

“People always struggled to handle my aggression and they never asked for a rematch !” said Quartermaine.

“I ended up getting a bit stale in the amateurs because it was a struggle to get fights.

“Professional boxing seems like a new beginning and I’m really excited.”

His excitement is shared by local fight fans.

Quartermaine reports tickets are selling fast for next month’s show at the Holte Suite and his supporters are sure to be entertained.

Quartermaine is a fighter without a reverse gear. He said: “I’ve got more skills now than I used to have when it was my aggression that got me through fights, but I’m still more of a fighter than a boxer and head movement is the key for me.

“I’m usually smaller than my opponents and if I don’t want to get my head pinged off I have to move my head, get close and then let them have it !”