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Home » How a Tyson Fury motivational phone call ‘saved’ Britain’s Worst Boxer

How a Tyson Fury motivational phone call ‘saved’ Britain’s Worst Boxer

Britain’s Worst Boxer Robin Deakin fights at London’s O2 Indigo thanks to a helping hand from Tyson Fury.

Deakin reckons he will make headlines around the world if he beats Johnny Lawson in his bareknuckle punch up on Saturday, January 25.

The show will be screened in 13 countries – and Deakin hopes victory will lead to a shot at a Youtuber.

The 33 year old says he’s ready to start winning again after some dark days.

He said “For my first three bareknuckle fights I had nowhere to live. I was homeless. I was sofa surfing.

“I did bareknuckle boxing as a sort of self harm. I was depressed and getting hit was my therapy

“I lost the girl I loved and it was so hard.

“All I ever wanted in my life was to be loved by someone. It sounds cheesy but I’m a good man who wants to be liked and being rejected really threw me and left me homeless.

“I gave up everything to be with her and when we split and she chucked me out I felt hopeless and depressed.

“I got into the ring not giving a s***. I just wanted to get hit. I was thinking ‘I don’t want to be here any more’

“I’m in a better place now and enjoying the buzz again.”

Deakin says his switch to bareknuckle boxing – surely the country’s fastest-growing sport – is all down to Tyson Fury.

He said: “Tyson phoned me and told me to give it a go. Tyson knows about depression and he said ‘this is what you need.’ Bareknuckle boxing saved me.”

Deakin is backing his pal Fury to trounce Deontay Wilder in their rematch on February 22.

“Everyone knows Tyson won the first fight,” said Deakin, “and didn’t get the decision. Next time he beats Wilder even more comfortably.”