WATCH: UK’s most notorious prisoner Charles Bronson in boxing fight

Charles Bronson Tom Hardy

Labeled rare and genuine footage can be observed of Britain’s most notorious prisoner Charles Bronson, now known as Charles Arthur Salvador, boxing.

The clip was released via YouTube, showing Salvador, a vicious and dangerous man, battling in the ring.

The 67-year-old was born Michael Peterson before changing his name several times. Hollywood star Tom Hardy eventually portrayed Peterson in the hit 2008 movie ‘Bronson.’

Affectionately known as ‘Charlie,’ Salvador has caused controversy ever since being first incarcerated back in 1974. Salvador’s jail fights and outbursts have since become the stuff of legend.

It’s only been over the last few years that footage of one of those bouts has been accessible.

The video, uploaded and credited to Mirage Publishing, is thought to be from a documentary about Salvador.

The following information set it upon:

Bronson Unleashed shows the full unlicensed boxing bout of prisoner Charles Bronson. It is copyright to Mirage Publishing.

This is the only footage Of Charles Bronson fighting. This fight also shows a gun lying on the ring floor after a skirmish with others.

This is the genuine video of the UK’s toughest prisoner Charles Bronson during one of his rare times out from over 40 years in prison.

Here is the man who took eleven hostages in prison, some correctional officers, and even prison governors.

His list of convictions includes wounding, criminal damage, GBH, false imprisonment, blackmail. Plus threatening to kill.

Tom Hardy Bronson


To fully take to the role of ‘Bronson,’ Hardy famously packed on three stone and bared all in full-frontal nudity during screen time.

Hardy revealed he only had five weeks to pile on as much weight as possible.

“I ate everything – to be honest,’ the Peaky Blinders star later stated in an interview on his role eleven years ago.

Along with getting into character, Hardy also met with Salvador to immerse himself into the psyche.