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Home » Rumble on the Bumble: Boxing legend responds as Sharon Stone is unblocked from dating app

Rumble on the Bumble: Boxing legend responds as Sharon Stone is unblocked from dating app

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Sharon Stone, Let’s Get Ready to Rumble! – The Hollywood actress and star of several top movies mulled over a decent proposal by none-other-than boxing slickster Michael Buffer.

The man with the silky tones, who regularly wows fans of the sport at high-profile events, was quick to offer Stone a date after she got unblocked from a dating app.

Stone signed up for Bumble, only to be closed down shortly after. The powers that be at Bumble thought an account led by the award-winning beauty would simply be a fake. They were startled to learn that Stone herself had begun the profile.

Upon the mistake becoming apparent, Bumble immediately rectified their mistake and reinstated Stone to the site.

A short time after, MC Buffer offered to hook Stone up with his brother Bruce – the voice of UFC. Bruce is a year older than Stone at 62 years old.

Bruce is known for his own catchphrase ‘It’s Time’ – which Michael even incorporated into his reply.

“Sharon, don’t worry about it as I have the perfect date for you in my brother Bruce Buffer,” said ‘The Buff’ via social media. “He’s handsome, famous, intelligent, traveled, witty, worldly, athletic, well off financially, the perfect age for you and available!

“Just google him for info and history!” he added.


No response has so far been forthcoming from Stone, who starred in the likes of Casino, Basic Instinct and Sliver during the height of her fame.

The Oscar-nominated Pennsylvanian has been inundated with similar approaches. It may take her some time to get through them all.

Bumble is also likely to be awash with new sign-ups from people trying to land a date with Stone.

Winning the Golden Globe for her Casino performance in 1996 alongside Robert DeNiro and Joe Pesci, Stone currently boasts TV roles in ‘The New Pope’ and the forthcoming ‘Ratched’.