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Home » Gervonta Davis: Yet another weight miss, a melee and two-hour WBA pass

Gervonta Davis: Yet another weight miss, a melee and two-hour WBA pass

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Gervonta Davis couldn’t make weight in the world championship allotted period and was subsequently given extra time in what became a farcical premise on Friday.

The World Boxing Association, already criticized for their handing out of meaningless belts, decided to give Davis another hour on top.

Eventually, during a highly unprofessional process, Davis scrambled to make weight before the generous two-hour time slot was up.

Predictably Davis did just that and is somehow still allowed to win the vacant WBA regular world lightweight title. A strap that is not recognized as a full world title.

The current holder of the WBA lightweight strap is Vasyl Lomachenko.

Fans took to social media to give Davis a piece of their mind as opponent Yuriorkis Gamboa was easily inside the limit at the first attempt.

Failing weight is fast becoming a trademark of Davis, who is almost certain to end up as a welterweight for the future.

One fan asked: “Gervonta Davis not making weight is getting really f***ing old. Wasn’t that the point of him moving up in weight?”

Another said: “It’s Christmas, there was no way Gervonta Davis was making weight. He’d have been eating and drinking everything in sight for the last week.”

At the original scaling, Davis sparked a melee at the head-to-head as things almost got completely out of hand.

Roll on Saturday night!


WBA Vacant Lightweight World Championship

Gervonta Davis – 134 ¾ lbs.

Yuriorkis Gamboa – 134 ½ lbs.

Referee: Jack Reiss; Judges: Ed Kanner (Ga.), Dave Moretti (Nev.), Steve Weisfeld (N.J.)

NOTE: Davis initially weighed-in at 136 ¼ pounds at 3:56 p.m. He weighed in at 134.8 pounds (within the contracted lightweight limit of 135 pounds) approximately 90 minutes later.

Davis Gamboa
???? Amanda Westcott

WBA Light Heavyweight World Championship

Jean Pascal – 174 ¾ lbs.

Badou Jack – 174 ½ lbs.

Referee: Bill Clancy; Judges: Julie Lederman (N.Y.), Barry Lindenman (N.C.), Nelson Vasquez (Puerto Rico)

Super Middleweight Bout – 10 Rounds

Jose Uzcategui – 167 ¾ lbs.

Lionell Thompson – 168 lbs.

Referee: George Chip; Judges: Max DeLuca (Calif.), Harold Hunt (Ga.), Nola Oliver (Ga.)

Fighter quotes:


“We are two warriors and we are two gentlemen so people are very excited for this fight and we are going to put on a show tomorrow night.

“[Jack] went up to my weight class. This is my weight class and I’m the champion so welcome to my weight class, Badou. It’s simple why I’m still here: Hard work and discipline.”


“I’m just excited to become a three-time world champion. He’s my friend after the fight, but for now we are enemies.”


“I’m coming back out and showing everyone I’m a knockout artist like I’ve been and I’m getting the knockout. [Caleb] Plant is my only mission and to get the rematch.”


“It was super hard [to make weight]. Anything in life worth having is super hard. I knew it would be work, but we did it. As far as him saying he’s a knockout artist, I don’t know if you’ve heard the saying, ‘The devil is a liar.’”

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IBF Super Bantamweight Title Eliminator

Angelo Leo – 121 ½ lbs.

Cesar Juarez – 121 ¾ lbs.

Super Lightweight Bout – 10-Rounds

Malik Hawkins – 139 ½ lbs.

Darwin Price – 140 lbs.