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David Allen defended after trolling over February comeback

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British heavyweight David Allen has once again been the subject of vile trolling on social media following the announcement of his comeback.

Allen removed himself from interactive platforms when pulling out of an October return following a bruising stoppage defeat to David Price back in July.

At the time, Allen cited his mental state as the reason. Taking to Facebook, Allen said in September: “I will not be fighting October 19.

“My frame of mind is not one I believe I can put together any kind of training camp for this fight. Ultimately, physically, I’m not feeling ready to compete.

“I made and make comments all the time that people will question. Furthermore, (they) blow up to create headlines or drama. But for me, they’re just how I feel and the norm.

“I will be taking some time off social media. Spending time back in the real world. I feel this is something I have needed to do for a long time.

“I don’t have the want or the need for anyone’s sympathy, hatred or anything in between. I’ll be back, I always am, but I’m going to be David for a while because ‘The White Rhino’ is tired,” he concluded.

Those words came on the back of Allen saying, ‘he was probably done’ with the sport after taking punishment over ten rounds with Price.

Renewed and ready to return, Allen was swiftly added to the Kell Brook bill set for February in Sheffield.

“It’s great to be back boxing and even better it’s at the FlyDSA Arena in Sheffield,” said Allen when his comeback was confirmed. “It’s an honour to be boxing alongside some of my friends and to see Kell Brook return to action.

“I’m coming back to win the British Title. That’s my aim for 2020. This is the start of that journey,” he added.


The Matchroom confirmation was met with a barrage of abuse over the decision to allow Allen to fight again despite a long absence and time to reflect.

Posting again just before Christmas, a tweet regarding Allen was met with fury and some truly horrid comments.

One said: “(He’s) Gonna end up monged.”

Another stated: “Used to like Dave but he never learns waste of talent, never in shape and clearly is torture to train. Brook needs to retire past his best.”

A further comment pointed the finger at his handlers.

“Yous won’t be happy until he’s carried out like this,” accompanied by a GIF of a man being wheeled out on a stretcher.


Despite the obvious worry and distinct negativity, Sky Sports Head of Boxing Adam Smith is looking forward to Allen resuming his career.

“It’s an exciting early addition to our 2020 schedule, with Kid Galahad trying to force his way back into World Title contention, the excellent Terri Harper can become Britain’s latest World Champion, and Dave Allen always guarantees entertainment.”

Fans of Allen also jumped to his defence.

Everyone has a path they travel on that path is not always straight. Many curves to the path are chosen themselves. Others put in place by others.

“Dave is a real one whether you like it or not! Dave has a cult following because he is a real one. I will support as always,” said one follower.

Another said: “Love Dave. (The) Main reason we’ve got 2 tickets in Block B. No need for all the negativity from ‘men’ who’ve never been in the ring.”