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Home » Exclusive: World Record holder Steve Ward contests 70-year-old’s fight

Exclusive: World Record holder Steve Ward contests 70-year-old’s fight

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Recognized as the Guinness World Record holder, Briton Steve Ward has informed WBN of his plans to challenge the possible overhauling of his feat.

Ward, who was almost 61 – according to GWR when claiming the oldest boxer title, watched on in amazement recently as WBN provided news of 70-year-old Albert Hughes Jr. winning a second-round knockout in Indianapolis.

The Nottingham man is now set to take his case to the GWR Board after firmly disputing Hughes did enough to take his crown.

“I totally understand why Al has attempted to beat my record, for his son,” Ward exclusively told World Boxing News. “However, I am unsure if he will meet the GWR set requirements. I have contacted GWR to check.

“Following my last fight in 2017, the GWR officials put measures in place to stop anyone from attempting to beat the record by just coming out of retirement and not being active.

“They have to had to have been active on their 60th birthday. I know Al is now 70. However, he has not fought since 1983, (36 years) and only had a boxing career of around five years before that.

“GWR has put in place that the record attempt must have a career of a minimum of 39 years. I have a boxer since nine years old (having some 148 amateur fights) and I had my first fight at 11 years old.

“My last amateur contest was in 1977 and I then turned professional in 1977. I had my last professional fight in 1988.

I Then went behind closed doors fighting (unlicensed 41 fights, 41 wins) in 1988-2002. I came back into the professional ring in 2010, 2015 and 2017 had 10 fights. Winning the GWR records in 2011, 2015 and 2017.

Steve Ward

“The 2017 fight being a WBC World Boxing Confederation veteran heavyweight champion of the world against Andreas Sidon, from Germany.

He’s the guy who knocked Danny Williams out, who of course Danny was the man who knocked Mike Tyson out.


“Also, I could well be fighting again next year, all being well. Negotiations are already taking place and looking good. Of course, this will be another twelve rounder and will be another title fight, if it does come off.

“I can’t say much more on this at this moment in time, as I don’t want to encourage bad luck.

“But I do wish Al all the best and I understand the reason he tried to beat the record. This is also something close to my heart.

“I just don’t think he meets the criteria. We will have to wait until they get back in touch with me. I will keep you updated,” he concluded.

WBN has reached out to the GWR for comment on the situation which can take up to two weeks.

Phil Jay is the Editor of World Boxing News.