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Home » Daniel Jacobs brands Chavez Jr. a ‘disrespectful cruiserweight’

Daniel Jacobs brands Chavez Jr. a ‘disrespectful cruiserweight’

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Daniel Jacobs was unhappy at what transpired this week as Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. came in overweight and turned their Phoenix main event into a farce.

In a bout that wasn’t even confirmed until fight week due to a suspension from the Nevada Commission, Jacobs attempted to plow on after Chavez failed weight by five pounds.

Agreeing to the fight at 173 pounds at the eleventh hour, Jacobs maybe didn’t know what he had let himself in for.

Gabriel Rosado was offered as a replacement, but Jacobs chose to fight the former WBC middleweight title-holder despite a massive gulf in poundage.

Struggling initially, Jacobs eventually began to best Chavez from the fourth round. Once the fifth was over, so was the challenge of Chavez.

Quitting on his stool, Chavez was then pelted with hot dogs and beer, a move by fans that spread to Jacobs as he gave his post-fight interview.

Clearly downhearted, Jacobs attempted to make sense of it all.

“To me, it wasn’t my debut at super middleweight. This is so disrespectful, this was at cruiserweight,” said Jacobs. “His jab was so heavy, physically he was a bigger man.

“I tried my best to be elusive and box, he was a heavy man. I tried to counter his punches. They’re stealing my victory, man.

“It took me two or three rounds honestly. I don’t know what he had left. I don’t know if he had something up his sleeves. But I just wanted to be acclimated.

“I made sure I could take punches, see if he wanted to brawl. But for now, I’m comfortable with the victory. Now I can’t enjoy the victory, but I did my part.

“This wasn’t necessarily at super middleweight. In the end, I fought a cruiserweight. I want to move forward and prove I’m the best. It’s a matter of getting acclimated and moving forward in the right direction.

“I want to fight the biggest in the division. I want Jermall Charlo and GGG again. There are Billy Joe Saunders and a lot of other champions,” he added.

Jacobs is back in the win column, none-the-less, following his May defeat to Canelo Alvarez.