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Home » Ghost of Christmas Present: Home decisions plague UK boxing

Ghost of Christmas Present: Home decisions plague UK boxing

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World Boxing News is not alone in thinking a decision on any current UK bill will be anything other than a home win.

Cries hit the roof again on Thursday as Jack Massey was out-scored by Richard Riakporhe for the vacant British cruiserweight title.

The whole of Twitter, a platform in which promoters rely on more and more to sell their fights, gasped again when the result was read out at the end of the bout.

Fans could just about digest 115-113 to Riakporhe. That’s despite him not deserving the verdict. But Massey was then completely humiliated by a card of 117-111.

Yet another, and sadly expectant result for a home fighter, coming on the back of John Ryder being stiffed royally recently.

Ryder should be the world super-middleweight title holder right now. The Londoner recently defeated Callum Smith on his own patch.

Bullying Smith and seemingly taking his strap, Ryder’s defining night was taken from him in what can only be described as a travesty.

The look of resignation on Ryder’s face when the final bell sounded was evidence enough. ‘The Gorilla’ knew he’d lost that contest despite his best effort.

So how do we rectify this situation? – I for one, cannot see it ever being fixed. It’s a virus boxing has to deal with, and one that continues to be a lingering stain.

Home win

That thing every boxer seeks when beginning their career is to become a champion. This is something that should never be taken lightly by anyone judging.

You HAVE TO BE impartial. This is the MAIN priority if you are lucky enough to be selected to officiate.

The same goes for referees. They have a responsibility to everyone involved. But there’s an apparent plague that cares nothing about that.

These warriors risk their lives to become a titleholder, only to be devastated by what can only be described as leaning toward the home fighter.

It may be a helpless situation. One we must protest against for the sake of the sport.

Phil Jay is the Editor of World Boxing News.