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Home » ‘Orange is the new black?’ – Fan in Josh Taylor charge comment

‘Orange is the new black?’ – Fan in Josh Taylor charge comment

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A social media forum has become apparent to WBN in which some alleged Josh Taylor fans are questioning the fighter’s conviction for racial abuse.

Despite Taylor admitting the charges and accepting his punishment, there is a portion of commenters who are shockingly discussing and asking what the Scot has done wrong.

Prosecutor Alistair Millar had explained what happened during legal proceedings on Wednesday, which along with a dismissed case for cocaine possession, resulted in Taylor acknowledging his guilt and apologizing.

“The accused was within the nightclub. There was some form of disturbance,” said Miller at Edingburgh Sherrif Court.

“Security staff said the accused was clearly intoxicated and was also asked to leave the premises.

“Once outside he acted in the manner liabled and shouted ‘you are all sh*te doorman’ and ‘you can’t fight for real’.

“He said (to one doorman) ‘your nose ring is gay’ and ‘you are a gay looking c**t’.

“He then stated (to the doorman) ‘You big orange looking c**t’.”

Taylor’s apology was released soon after. It read: “Whilst out celebrating with friends on Saturday in Edinburgh I made some stupid comments. Some poor decisions resulting in legal charges.

“I hold my hands up for making remarks which caused offence and I was rightfully found guilty of (that offense). I’m ashamed about the whole incident.

“The other charge (possession of cocaine), I have been rightfully found not guilty of. I’m regularly tested by all the relevant authorities and could be at any time regardless of when I’m fighting.

“I would never risk my career and reputation with drugs. I wholeheartedly apologise for my stupid actions.

“It has been a rollercoaster of a year for me. Becoming unified world champion. On this occasion, I’ve taken it too far.

“I can only apologise, not only to those whom I offended, but to my family and friends for the upset I’ve caused.

“There’s no excuse for the comments and the disturbance. I’m going to take some time off over Christmas to reflect on my actions and ensure it never happens again.

“I want to thank my family, friends and fans for their continued support over the years. “I can assure them I will endeavor to live up to their expectations and make them proud once more.”


On the forum, jokes were bantered back and forth which attempted to play down any wrongdoing by Taylor.

The final straw was one Taylor supporter unbelievably stating, “Orange is the new black’, in a bid to deflect from what the lightweight star had said to the Asian bouncer.

Not only is that a horrific statement to make, but it lays further racism at the door of whoever chose to type it.

It was down to a result from his own admission that Taylor was immediately removed from the voting for WBN Fighter of the Year. And for this fact only, the list is now down to seven.