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Home » Deontay Wilder brother Marsellos ‘learning’, vows to return from horror KO

Deontay Wilder brother Marsellos ‘learning’, vows to return from horror KO

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Deontay Wilder brother Marselllos seemed in control of his clash with Dustin Long and on the way to a potential six-round points victory in Las Vegas.

Fighting on brother Deontay Wilder’s undercard, Marsellos was aiming to push his record to 6-1 following a setback stoppage versus William Deets the previous January.

As it turned out, Long harnessed plenty of animosity from the build-up into one solid blow in the fourth round. And that was all she wrote.

Wilder went down hard. The 30 year-old attempted to get up and failed. But referee Jay Nady had already called a halt.

Was it premature? – Definitely not. Does Wilder have plenty to work on? – Of course, he does.

Marsellos was the first to admit it in his vow to come back stronger despite being 5-2 as a pro.

“To my fans and all my supporters. (I have) No cuts, no bruises, no scratches, no scuffs. I’m good. I took an L in my fight. Not because I was getting beat up or struggling, I was winning comfortably. I was up three rounds to zero, dominating ‘em, controlling the pace, dictating the action trying to set up my finish.

“I made an amateurish defensive mistake in a bad lean back position where I didn’t see leaving myself widely exposed to a shot out of nowhere from a southpaw style.

“The fight was waved off before I could fight through it. It’s early in my career for me to make corrections, and for those who don’t know, I came from college football and jumped straight into pro boxing.

“Due to the fact of me starting boxing late being in my late twenties, I chose to turn pro last year. I’m not hiding, I’m not ducking or running from nothing.

“I have been down way lower in life than taking an L on something that can be corrected. I’m in a process of learning as I go, a temporary phase.


“These Lil’ mistakes will not keep happening to me anymore. For that growth and glory awaits me ahead.

“Just because you start off something and it does not start off completely right doesn’t define you – nor your ending.

“I believe in myself and I have the talents to be great. So imma get up, brush myself off and try again.

“Through all the ups and downs wit this s***, imma still become a Champion. God, I know you testing my faith,” he concluded.

Marsellos could return on Deontay’s rematch card with Tyson Fury on February 22nd at the same venue. Redemption will be firmly on the cards.