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Home » Lennox Lewis updates heavyweight TOP 3, breaks down Wilder vs Fury 2

Lennox Lewis updates heavyweight TOP 3, breaks down Wilder vs Fury 2

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Hall of Fame boxer Lennox Lewis has rated the current cream of the crop in the heavyweight division.

Lewis, the last undisputed heavyweight champion, gave an update on his rankings after Anthony Joshua’s recent victory over Andy Ruiz Jr.

Joshua reclaimed three of the four world titles in the process of beating an overweight Ruiz.

Asked by CompuBox TV to give his top five, Lewis instead, narrowed it down to three.

“My top three would have to be Deontay (Wilder), Tyson Fury and obviously Joshua. At the moment I’m going with that order,” he said.

Wilder vs Fury 2

His top two, Wilder and Fury, are set to commence battle once again on February 22 with the WBC title on the line.

The first encounter between them generated the biggest PPV offering in the US since Lewis-Tyson with an estimated 320,000 buys.

Fury outboxed the ‘Bronze Bomber’ throughout the fight but hit the canvas on two occasions. Those drops included a knockdown in an iconic final round where Fury was seemingly out for the count before getting up to finish off the round stronger.

Both men have since won two fights since their 2018 draw at the Staples Center.

Lewis, who’s a regular face on FOX as an analyst, believes both men need to make improvements ahead of the rematch, which is likely to be staged at the MGM Grand.

“Exciting fight,” said Lewis when previewing the fight. “Both of them have to make adjustments and come back with a different game plan.

“There’s so much when it comes to boxing, the sweet science of it and when you analyze your opponent, what their weaknesses and strengths are.

“So, it’s who can capitalize on those types of things.

“Obviously, Tyson Fury was the boxer the first fight and Deontay was the puncher. Obviously, if Tyson can come with some power and obviously if Deontay can come with a little more boxing.

“It’s just like that, who does the work, (and) who wants it the most.”