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Home » Josh Taylor off FOTY poll after pleading guilty to racial abuse

Josh Taylor off FOTY poll after pleading guilty to racial abuse

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World Boxing News is pained to report that lightweight world champion Josh Taylor has been removed from voting for the WBN Fighter of the Year 2019.

Taylor was leading the process, but WBN has made the decision to drop the Scot from the process in light of him pleading guilty to racial abuse.

A very sensitive subject in the current climate, WBN acted without hesitation upon learning of Taylor’s admission in court.

The voting process has now been cut to seven fighters. But the original poll will remain open due to it being shared widely thus far with a record number of votes.

Once counted and verified, the 28-year-old’s votes will not count towards the final outcome and eventual presentation of the trophy.

Fans can still vote from the remaining candidates below:

An incident involving Taylor on Sunday was fast-tracked to Edinburgh Sherrif Court on Wednesday.

Taylor was revealed to have been drunk. Also alleged to have been in possession of cocaine at the time, an additional charge which he pleaded not guilty to.

Prosecutor Alistair Millar explained what happened during the proceedings, by saying: “The accused was within the nightclub and there was some form of disturbance.

“Security staff said the accused was clearly intoxicated and was also asked to leave the premises.

“Once outside he acted in the manner liabled and shouted ‘you are all sh*te doorman’ and ‘you can’t fight for real’.

“He said (to one doorman) ‘your nose ring is gay’ and ‘you are a gay looking c**t’.

“He then stated (to the doorman) ‘You big orange looking c**t’.”

The victim was stated to have been Asian and Taylor was fined £350 for the outburst.


Charges were read out as, ‘aggravated by prejudice relating to sexual orientation and the offence was also racially aggravated.’

Defending Taylor was his lawyer Cameron Tait, who said the unified champion and World Boxing Super Series winner had felt frustrated by the bouncer.

“Mr. Taylor said he would look after his friend. He was told he must leave as well,” said Tait.

“He remonstrated with the door staff. (Taylor) advises me they were rude and aggressive. He felt a sense of frustration.”

Voting closes on January 7, 2020 when the winner will be crowned.

Phil Jay is the Editor of World Boxing News.