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Matthew ‘Swiggy’ Craddock back in action before Christmas

Matthew Craddock will be looking to go one better when he elaborates on his pro debut with another ring outing before Christmas.

‘Swiggy’ turned over with his bow last month and now gets another one in, ahead of long-term aspirations to drop down from featherweight.

He next features on BCB Promotions’ festive fight night at the Holiday Inn Queensway, in Birmingham city centre, on Saturday December 21. The show is called ‘Seasons Beatings.’

The Brummie, from Kings Norton, gets home advantage again after his introduction, on a card staged in the Holte Suite at Aston Villa Football Club.

The 29-year-old went in with Jake Pollard, who tried to bring a swift end to his win-less standing by throwing some big shots from the opening bell.

Craddock conceded the first round, but settled from there and won the next three of the four sessions, to record a 39-37 points success.

He’s been prepared for battle by Spencer McCracken Jr, from the boxing family which has produced a string of successful coaches.

They’ve been hard at work, using the Fitness Factory gym in Kings Norton as a training base along with sparring at Eastside Boxing Club.

The bulk of Craddock’s competitive experience came with the now-defunct Ironworks ABC, with 17 victories from 30 amateur bouts.

His future goal is the Midlands title, which may well come as low as super bantam with the last holder, Brad Foster, going on to become British champion.

Craddock said: “It was an interesting start to my debut! He came out swinging and, obviously, fancied the stoppage, which shocked everyone.

“I lost the first round but, towards the end of that, I was coming back into it. I had to work quickly, to get the better of him.

“I outboxed him, for the other three rounds, and used my jab well. I hurt him with a left hook to the body, in the third, but he held on so I couldn’t stop him.

“It must have been eight years since I last had a proper fight. I had a few unlicensed after the amateurs, but I’ve got some time to make up.

“I’ve been boxing since I was 10, on and off, so it’s been a big part of my life and, at my age now, I need to be as busy as possible.

“I’ve only had a week off training since I started camp for my debut, I’ve had lots of sparring from the start and that’s what probably got me through it.

“Spencer McCracken Jr is going to be my coach, I’m his first pro and we’re enjoying working together. He comes from a boxing family.

“I’ve got a lot to work on, but I’d love to work towards a Midlands title. I’m a feather, at the minute, but I’m looking to come down to super bantam after this and then bantam for belts.

“First thing’s first and that’s to get a second victory. I want to be switched on, from the first bell, then either win all four rounds or maybe even get a stoppage.”