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Home » Jabber’s Delight: Tyson Fury joins Sugar Hill Gang, adds Kronk team

Jabber’s Delight: Tyson Fury joins Sugar Hill Gang, adds Kronk team

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Tyson Fury has gone back to the old school. ‘The Gypsy King’ has revealed plans to work with KRONK Gym members under Emanuel Steward’s nephew.

Following a split with Ben Davison, the man who helped him shed a ton of weight, Fury is firmly turning the clock back.

The former heavyweight champion spent time under Steward after winning the English title in 2010. Fury wanted to stay with Steward but could leave his wife and young family behind.

Explaining the situation in his ‘Behind The Mask’ book, Fury proclaimed how he announced himself to the gym.

“Where can I find Manny? – I’m Tyson Fury, the future heavyweight champion of the world,” stated Fury once he finally made it to the Detroit venue.

Initially supposed to spend a week there alongside cousin Andy Lee, Fury stayed a month and was told by Steward he would eventually dominate the division.

A few years later, Steward died and Fury never got the chance to finish what he started.

After splitting with Davison on the back of a short partnership, Fury is now ready to do so.

Davison made the break public on Sunday by clearing up that they remain good pals.

“Obviously it’s not gonna stop until there’s an answer. Tyson and myself had to both make decisions for our careers, which resulted in our working relationship coming to an end.

“HOWEVER, we remain friends and he will SMASH the DOSSER!!”


Billy Joe Saunders, the man who introduced both, praised the pair for their amicable parting.

“Lots of trainers all hoping and crossing their fingers to train my pal Tyson. But the main man behind the full (re)build of the Gypsy King. I know no one (who) could have done it but Ben Davison. Lovely to see both still friends,” said the two-weight world champion.

Fury then confirmed his decision to link-up with Javan ‘Sugar’ Hill and the now-retired Lee for his rematch with Deontay Wilder on February 22nd in Las Vegas.

“Getting the old team back up and running. Kronk (with) Sugar Hill, Andy Lee.”