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Home » Irish-Canadian champ Sara Haghighat Joo launches fundraiser to help Olympic bid

Irish-Canadian champ Sara Haghighat Joo launches fundraiser to help Olympic bid

You can help support Sara Haghighat Joo, the reigning amateur boxing champion of Canada and Ireland, fulfill her dream of fighting at the Olympic Games! Sara is currently a member of Team Ireland, having won both the Canadian and Irish 54kg championships.

Canadian Boxiana is selling “Team Sara” apparel in their online store, donating 100% of the proceeds to Sara’s team in hopes of helping offset some of the travel and training expenses associated with international amateur boxing.

“There’s an old saying,” explained Haghighat Joo. “If it was easy, everyone would be doing it. My journey has been very eventful so far and I just want to keep testing myself and see where it takes me next. Canadian champion, Irish champion, and multiple international tournaments.

“The majority of the time, I finish events with a best boxer award. I think someone’s potential is endless when they put in the work. All I know is I’m working day and night for this and I wake up loving what I do. So, it excites me and it should excite everyone else to see what’s next for Team Sara.”

For Canadian Boxiana, the decision to help Sara was easy. “I don’t really care which country she represents in international competition,” explained Canadian Boxiana editor GM Ross.

“Sara has been very active and successful on the international stage this season. She is the champion of two different nations and was named best boxer at the Celtic Box Cup. That’s no small feat. Life as an amateur athlete isn’t easy or cheap. I have a platform to help, so I figured why not. Let’s see what kind of money we can raise, you know? No harm in trying.”

You can stay up to date on Sara’s career via Instagram by following @sarabox3r101