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Home » Anthony Joshua in epic ‘undisputed’ fail after callout

Anthony Joshua in epic ‘undisputed’ fail after callout

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An Anthony Joshua plea to ‘get undisputed trending’ failed miserably on Friday as the unified heavyweight champion called out two occupied rivals.

The 30 year-old wanted fans to tweet #undisputed after Joshua revealed his ‘desire’ to fight Deontay Wilder or Tyson Fury.

Firstly, Joshua had stated in an interview with UK media either fight ‘has to happen in 2020’. There’s one significant floor in that plan which everyone is fully aware of, including ‘AJ’.

Matchroom stablemate Dillian Whyte, Joshua and their respective promoter have been told Wilder and Fury are out of commission until February 2021.

Secondly, WBC bosses even revealed that information into the open recently.

As Whyte was cleared of any wrongdoing following a positive steroid test, the WBC mandatory challenger was informed his shot would be delayed for a year.

This is due to the ongoing contractual agreement between Wilder and Fury.

“The WBC is hereby lifting its provisional suspension. This confirms its recognition of Mr. Whyte as WBC Interim World Heavyweight Champion,” said the WBC.

“Consistent with the WBC Board of Governors’ Ruling at last October’s 57th WBC Annual Convention, Interim Champion Whyte shall become the Mandatory Challenger of the division immediately after Champion Deontay Wilder’s mandatory defense(s) against current Mandatory Challenger Tyson Fury.

“The mandatory defense against Whyte being due on or about February of 2021.”

Knowing all about this fact, Joshua calling out Wilder or Fury is a completely ‘hollow’ act, as one tweeter pointed out. Both Wilder and Fury are set to be locked in a trilogy saga until the back end of the summer.

This means Joshua stating his intentions to fight either is without any foundation whatsoever. However, the boxing community must be clued up on this due to the fact they didn’t hinder to Joshua’s request on social media.


Friday didn’t see ‘undisputed get trending’ – which could be a message to Joshua that they know either battle simply cannot happen.

Wilder and Fury are contracted to meet on February 22nd. Once that event is over, a third fight – possibly on UK soil – is almost certain to take place immediately.

Add the that a WBO an IBF stipulation to Joshua on long-delayed mandatories which have since been ordered and there’s virtually no chance of Joshua being able to fulfill his call to arms.


Wilder vs Fury II – Feb 22, 2020.

Joshua vs WBO/IBF – Spring 2020.

Wilder vs Fury III – Summer 2020.

Joshua vs WBO/IBF – Summer/Fall 2020.

Wilder/Fury vs Whyte – Late 2020/Early 2021

Joshua vs voluntary – Late 2020/Early 20201.

Wilder/Fury vs Joshua – Summer 2021