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Home » Catfished? – Fans demand bookies void Andy Ruiz Jr. to win bets

Catfished? – Fans demand bookies void Andy Ruiz Jr. to win bets

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Punters have complained about the manner of Andy Ruiz Jr’s performance against Anthony Joshua and subsequent admission he didn’t prepare properly for the fight. 

Bets were flooded on Ruiz to repeat his feat of June 1st in New York, although Ruiz never gave himself the best opportunity to defeat Joshua again.

The fact he GAINED a mass of weight meant he stood absolutely no chance of winning, basically handing the titles he won back to the Briton.

Fans now want bookmakers to void all bets placed on Ruiz Jr. due to the manner of the end result.

Joshua dominated the fight by dancing around his opponent. Only engaging with Ruiz to throw the odd jab and hook. The Mexican didn’t have the speed to get on the inside or the wellness to throw his lightning-quick combinations.

This means Ruiz was never in the running in what was only a two-horse race. Add that to the fact Ruiz caused deceptions in posting old photos and ‘weight-loss’ pictures during the build-up.

Just one month prior to the ‘Clash on the Dunes’ – Ruiz looked in super condition when sparring Michael Hunter. So where did it all go wrong?

One disgruntled bettor asked if Ruiz pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes with a catfish job.

Eddie Hearn had already claimed Ruiz losing weight was a smokescreen. This ultimately came true but not at the time of the Hunter photo.

It all leaves a sour taste in the mouth, and if the fight took place in the United Kingdom or America, there could have been serious questions to answer for Ruiz.

Staging the contest in Saudi Arabia means Ruiz gets away scot-free despite disgruntled gamblers taking to oddsmakers to ask for a refund.


Respected members of the boxing community, including Ruiz’s coach Manny Robles, have already given the 30 year-old both barrels.

“It’s a disgrace when the heavyweight champion can’t get motivated enough to get focused and in shape. There was no intentions on defending the heavyweight championship weighing 300 pounds,” said US trainer Kevin Cunningham.

Former Mike Tyson coach Teddy Atlas went one better than KC. He quipped: “I think I just saw a sand dune in better shape then Ruiz.”

Floyd Mayweather’s advisor Leonard Ellerbe said there was no excuse for Ruiz not to be motivated with belts on the line and despite the money on offer.

“One thing I’ve always respected abt Floyd was his work ethic never changed whether his purse was 25k or 100m. He always trained like he was broke,” he pointed out.

Phil Jay is the Editor of World Boxing News.