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Boxing Canada and GYM to introduce a new international face-off in the 2020 Dooly’s Boxing Series

Boxing in Canada is one of the biggest entertainment industries alongside football, hockey, etc. The main event hall of this sport, Cabaret du Casino de Montreal, has seen many boxing tournaments and competitions along the road, and in 2020, the ring is going to be much more exciting.

Boxing Canada and Groupe Yvon Michel (GYM) have closed a deal that promises to inject an international aspect to an already-popular boxing competition, the Dooly’s Boxing Series. As a joint feat, Boxing Canada and GYM will bring three or four Canadian fighters with no professional background to face the teams from the US, France, Italy, Puerto Rico, and others.

Canadians are very enthusiastic about boxing. In general, sports happens to be the best form of entertainment in the country. And not only that, it’s a source of significant income for many people. Sports betting sites and brokerages in some major cities, Canadian live dealer casino in others, and many other gambling institutions are based on this love of sports and risk-taking.

Organizers of this major event

Boxing Canada is an official sports organization in the country that facilitates preparing Canadian boxers for Olympic games. It’s been long recognized by the Canadian Olympic Committee as a credible and trustworthy entity for this particular purpose.

The organization is responsible for popularizing boxing all across Canada, organize and coordinate boxing matches and tournaments, and take Canada on the international scene. Training Olympic boxers is one aspect of Boxing Canada; in general, every enthusiast in this sport can use the organization’s resources and assistance to take their boxing career to the next level.

Groupe Yvon Michel (GYM), on the other hand, is a private sports organization that was founded in 2004 by Yvon Michel and his associates. Unlike Boxing Canada, GYM is more focused on “wielding” high-level professional boxers who can invade national and international rings.

GYM’s approach to this task is to support the fighters’ management aspects, particularly when it comes to managing their competition with other fighters in the country. The organization has an abundance of partners including Montreal Casinos, Dooly’s, Videotron, and many prestigious companies or tournaments that push the boxing industry in Canada to the never-before-seen heights.

Since 2004, Groupe Yvon Michel has organized 73 boxing events in the Casinos du Quebec and produced some of the biggest boxing stars, including Jean Pascal. Eleider Alvarez, Adonis Stevenson, Joachim Alcine, and many more. 

Dooly’s international expansion

And so, these two “heavy-punching” boxing organizations have come together to offer Canadian boxing enthusiasts a completely new opportunity. Under the Dooly’s Boxing Series tournament, the three/four-member teams from all over the world, including the US, Puerto Rico, France, etc. will come to Canada to face their Canadian counterparts.

Boxing Canada, which is, as mentioned above, the main contributor to training Canadian Olympic boxers, will select three or four members from its Olympic National Team who will then move to a GYM-organized tournament that brings international boxing to Canada. 

Both Boxing Canada and GYM are overly optimistic about this cooperation, claiming that this is a great opportunity for amateur Canadian boxers to represent themselves and their boxing abilities to a more professional level. According to Pat Fiacco, president of Boxing Canada, this is a chance for not only National Team athletes to “demonstrate their Olympic boxing talent” but also for the whole Canadian boxing industry, since the event will generate overwhelming visibility of the national athletes and the sport in general. 

Yvon Michel himself, president of GYM, shares Fiacco’s enthusiasm by stating that Canadian Olympic boxers will receive a massive experience on this segment of Dooly’s. The international level and professional boxing elite in the audience will certainly contribute to their improvement, says Michel.

The event will still see the professional fights

And while this international bout crossover is very exciting for many boxing fans and athletes themselves, the majority of the audience is still waiting for the professional boxers to compete for the title. And, as always, Dooly’s Boxing Series will also include the good-old tournaments.

The whole series will consist of five major events on February 8, April 4, June 6, October 17 and December 5. Here, the fans will be able to enjoy their favorite power-hungry boxers likes of which include Francis Lafreniere, David Theroux, Terry Osias, and many more. The events will have four to six professional bouts each.

The Dooly’s Boxing Series has been having a moment of triumph for a while now. For instance, the last year’s tournament saw a collection of heated battles, including Marie-Eve Dicaire twice defending her IBF female light middleweight title, David Theroux making his successful comeback of his career, Shakeel Phinn getting a NABF champion’s title, and among others, letting many newbie boxers to make themselves visible on the ring. 

Cabaret du Casino de Montreal, a unique atmosphere for boxing events, will become a centerpiece of heated face-offs between Olympian champions and aficionados and heavy-punching professionals for the first time. The details about this arrangement are still to be disclosed by Boxing Canada and GYM. The two organizations will hold a joint press conference on December 19, at the Western Hotel in Montreal where everything will be revealed about the international competition.