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Home » Exclusive: DAZN’s Sergio Mora rubbishes Canelo vs Kovalev claims

Exclusive: DAZN’s Sergio Mora rubbishes Canelo vs Kovalev claims

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Sergio Mora has continued his exclusive and extensive interview with World Boxing News. The ex-WBC champion reviewed Canelo Alvarez’s most recent performance against Sergey Kovalev after the Mexican delivered a dramatic KO in the penultimate round.

Despite leading on the official scorecards, Canelo didn’t have it all his way with many believing he was down on the scorecards. WBN also had Canelo behind by two rounds.

Mora, who works for DAZN as a commentator and analyst, admits he had pre-fight concerns about Kovalev controlling the fight with his jab.

“I think he had trouble closing the distance,” Mora exclusively told World Boxing News. “But I think he respected Kovalev a little bit too much.

“I said this before the fight and people asked me who did I have winning the fight, I said ‘listen, if Kovalev can get at least three rounds out the first six then I think it’s going to be difficult to beat Kovalev’. This is because he’s just going to cruise to a decision. And I know it’s pretty hard to get a decision in Vegas but possibly get a decision.

“People seemed shocked saying ‘wait a minute you don’t think he can KO Canelo?’ No, the only way Kovalev wins is by decision.

Canelo vs Kovalev

“It was going in that direction. I think Canelo did the right thing respecting the bigger fighter, the bigger puncher. But once it got to the fifth, sixth round, Canelo was playing with fire.

“He was continuing to let Kovalev get close rounds in. He was letting him dictate the fight by finding his distance. It finally got to the 11th round and he took him out.”

Following the dramatic ending to the contest, fans on social media were quick to point the finger at Kovalev giving up.

The former WBO champion later admitted he knew he had no chance of winning. He labeled it ’impossible’ before eventually backtracking after receiving a backlash.

Mora had the perfect seat at the MGM Grand that night to reveal whether there was any truth in the claims.

He said: “It sounded a little too good to be true. That’s why a lot of people didn’t believe it and maybe Kovalev took a dive.

“I was reading a bunch of other s***. No, that’s nonsense, I was there.

“Canelo was playing with fire, but he knew his opponent and felt his opponent’s legs weren’t going to carry him for the 12 rounds.

“This is an expert champion in Canelo. He gambled, rolled the dice and came through it but it was dangerous.”